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Industryball is a economic and important ball that have a great relevance in the world economy. Is unkown when Industry born, but maybe it was some decades before the first industrial revolution.

He is declared neutral, with the objective to sell for both side. But he always prefers not help who is against him.


Industry used to live with his dad is Englandball and his uncles Scotlandball, Walesball, Northern Irelandball and Irelandball (is not more there) inside of a big ball called UKball. During the century XVIII, he started growing a lot and with some dudes he created a new ideology, called classical liberalism. With these crazy dudes, they started a lot of parties in his house, USAball's house with his epic (indepen)DANCE and in Franceball's house. Napoleon tried to make his own industrial party without the british, but he failed and had to make his party in an island.

After the crazy parties, in XIX , industry was like the cool guy of school and a lot of countries wanted to walk with him. So a time of wars and revolutions started and Industry as a cool guy, always been called for the events.One of them was the war of secession, the first industrial war of history, where the winner USAball gave FREEDOM to his son Confederate Ball. After this was, USA was so weak, but Industry with helps of his assistants, Vanderbilt, Rockfeller, Carnigie, J.P. Morgan and Henry Ford, they rebuilt 'murica and turned him in the main nation of the second industrial revolution.

While this a crazy german santa clauss called Karl Marx didn't liked industry for not inviting him for his parties, so he decided to make his own party called "communist party" and he said the industrial nations would join it, but only agrarian nations like Russia, North Korea, China and others joined it.


The beginning of this century wasn't good for industry. Anarchists and communists were destroying his factories, the WWI and WWII destroeyd a lot of his factories, nations trying to control him and he had to survive the Black Thursday, but is still bet ter than Rebecca Black's friday.

After WWII, USAball said "Well, look like that I have to clean this mess". So he staterd helping his allies and the nations that he fucked in WWII, Japanball and 3/4 of the Germanyball. Industry not only had the possibility of rebuilt his factories as he had the possibility to put his factories in new nations and use the new technologies. He could into making more and more money.

So the third revolution started it with new advances, featured by USA, Germany and Japan. Some agrarian nations like South Koreaball, Tringapore and Taiwanball had a visit from industry and changed they reality.

With the falling of socialism, Industry met one of his friends, Chinaball, that had a dude called Deng Xiaoping that decided to have a industry party on the coast. At same time, not-socialists-dictatorships were falling too and all this nations wanted to have a relationship with industry, the globalization was each more bigger and industry just winning more money with it.


Industry have to make some changes, some people want more green (these hippies....) , some people want more technologies and some people is angry cause they still don't have the fuckin awesome skateboard of Back to the Future II. With the help of internet and robots, industry can into making just in time, but he still have to develop more, cause now he is now in the big industrial party that involved all the world.


Industry got a lot of friends and he try to be neutral for always sell for them.

Is just rusty

The true, industry is not brown, he is literally a iron ball, but he used to play with water and he got rusted, he don't remove the rusty cause he don't want to pay for it.


At factory

These guys are the "minions" of industry, Each of them have a specialty drawn on their body, but some of them can make more than one thing. The don't usually appear, cause they have to work or they will get fired. The relationship of industry with then in *insert a country here* is *the way the works are treated in this country*.

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