Icelandball is a Nordic countryball located in the Atlantic ocean. His official language is the only one that contains both Thorn (Þ, þ) and Eth (Ð, ð). His language is also the closest one to Old Norse, due to centuries of isolation. Icelandball is generally friendly and does not have many enemies (or friends outside Scandinavia for that matter). But Icelandball has a tendency to spew (or in some cases fart) ash all over Europe, much to other countryballs' annoyance. Icelandball also enjoys its small island nation status. Sometimes it watches Europe's problems from afar, usually with popcorn in hand. It likes to stay alone, and has one of the smallest populations in the world.

Icelandball as every other Nordic is very popular and continues to make friends with more and more countryballs, until 2016 when Panama-icon Panamaball came with very scandalous papers and caused it to resign from being a prime minister. However, Icelandball's people are generally very happy. As well as the 🐷 PIIGS, Iceland also suffered greatly in the GFC. However as it is not in EU, it doesn't have to pay Euromonies.

Iceland can into smallest World Cup country. Iceland drew their first World Cup game against Argentina, the latter of which has won two World Cups. It is, by far, the more kind and fan-loving countryball page.


Settlement and Foreign Rule

At 9th and 10th centuries, Vikingball came here and settle down in here. At Year 930 AD, Icelandic Commonwealth-icon Icelandic Commonwealthball was borned. He remained independent for 300 years, but was killed by Denmark-icon Denmark-Norwayball. He then became Norwegian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Norwayball's son until 1814. In 1874, he finally gained full autonomy At 1914, he regained his independence to some extent, but still was in a personal union with Denmark-icon Denmarkball.

World War II and Independence

When Denmark-icon Denmarkball fell to Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball, Icelandball couldn't maintain relation with Denmark-icon Denmarkball, and thus decided to declare himself neutral. However, the UK-icon UKball was paranoid that Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball would target Icelandball, as he is an important strategic position, and "invaded" Icelandball. Since Icelandball had no standing military, Icelandball unhappily agreed to allow Allied forces to "occupy" him, and UK-icon UKball posted notices of such "occupation" in broken Icelandic. 

UK-icon UKball then handed control of Icelandball to USA-icon USAball, who then worked on and layed out much of Icelandball's infrastructure.

By 1944, Icelandball decided to declare himself an independent republic.

Postwar Era

After WWII, he decided to join NATO, despite having no standing army, suck and kind country already. Due to modernization efforts and the infrastructure boost during WW II, Iceland developed extremely rapidly, essetially turning from a Middle-Age like country to a fully modern European nation within years. Despite his seemingly excellent economy, in reality he was in debt and his economy was at risk of failing from even a slight disturbance.

During the Great Recession, he began to consider joining the EU-icon EU as well, after seeing how fragile his economy was. To make matters worse, a subglacial volcano named Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010, spewing large ash clouds and halting air travel in Northern Europe and America. However, when he began to make rapid recovery, he dropped the idea. During the great recession, he tried to promote tourism to aid his decimated economy, advertising his landscape and brainwashing attracting large amounts of tourists. Even today, he is still a very popular tourist destination.

Flag Colors

USAFA Blue 2, 82, 156 C0.987-M0.474-Y0-K0.388 #02529C
White 255, 255, 255 C0-M0-Y0-K0 #FFFFFF
Alizarin Crimson 220, 30, 53 C0-M0.863-Y0.759-K0.137 #DC1E35



The entire world (we've seen Iceland talking with Walesball, Kazakhbrick, Uzbekistanball...), especially:


  • UK-icon UKball - Get away from my fish.
  • Panama-icon Panamaball - Get those papers away from me because they cost me to resign. But my citizens are happy though so maybe not much of an enemy.





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