Icelandball is a Nordic countryball located in the Atlantic ocean. His official language is the only one that contains both Thorn (Þ, þ) and Eth (Ð, ð). His language is also the closest one to Old Norse. Icelandball is generally friendly and does not have many enemies (or friends outside Scandinavia for that matter). But Icelandball has a tendency to spew (or in some cases fart) ash all over Europe, much to other countryballs' annoyance. Icelandball also enjoys its small island nation status. Sometimes it watches Europe's problems from afar, usually with popcorn in hand. It likes to stay alone and has one of the smallest populations in the world.

Icelandball has also has one of the most magical people to ever exist; Stefán Karl Stefánsson (Robbie Rotten), who gave birth to one of the greatest memes in human history. Iceland also birthed another meme, "The Mine Song", where Stingy, a character from Icelandic TV show LazyTown sings about things that are his. Iceland also has Björk, a singer who has won many awards and has been nominated for 14 Grammys. Therefore, Icelandball is also number one.

Icelandball as every other Nordic is very popular and continues to make friends with more and more countryballs, until 2016 when Panama-icon Panamaball came with very scandalous papers and caused it to resign from being a prime minister. However, Icelandball's people are generally very happy. As well as the 🐷 PIIGS, Iceland also suffered greatly in the GFC. However as it is not in EU, it doesn't have to pay Euromonies.

Iceland can into smallest World Cup country. It is, by far, the more kind and fan-loving countryball page.


At 9th and 10th centuries, Vikingball came here and settle down in here. At Year 930 AD, Icelandic Commonwealth-iconIcelandic Commonwealthball was borned. He remained 300 years independent, but killed by Denmark-iconDenmark-Norwayball. He became Norwegian-Empire-iconKingdom of Norwayball son, until 1814. At 1874, he have autonomy finally. At 1914, he independent again, but he must obey Denmark-iconDenmarkball. At 1940, Nazi-iconNazi Germanyball killed Denmark-iconDenmarkball, he completely independent finally. Aften killed by UK-iconUKball. Then gave back Denmark-iconDenmarkball, Denmark-iconDenmarkball gave Icelandball independent again.

At today, he became NATO, despite having no standing army, suck and kind country already.



The entire world (we've seen Iceland talking with Walesball, Kazakhbrick, Uzbekistanball...), especially:


  • UK-icon UKball - Stay away form fish and why yuo of send James May
  • Panama-icon Panamaball - Get those papers away from me because they cost me to resign. But my citizens are happy though so mabye not much of an enemy.





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