"Houston, We have a problem." -Apollo 13

Houstonball is a city of Texasball, USAball. Home of NASA and drills for oil.


Houstonball was founded in 1836 by USAball. He is (to be) the third largest city of USAball. He is a rival of Dallasball. He also still has a hatred for Nashville for stealing his Oilers, in the 1990s. His football team is now known as the Houston Texans.

He has been hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. His baseball team, the Astros, won the World Series against Los Angelesball's Dodgers (November 1, 2017 was the best day of his life for that reason).

He also has two other sports teams: the Rockets of the NBA and the Dynamo of MLS.


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