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Hospitaller Orderball was the Maltese islands under the control of an Holy Order.

How to draw Edit

Draw Hospitaller Orderball isn't difficult:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of black or red and add a white pattee cross
  2. Draw the eyes and you've finished.
Papal States-icon Deus Vult! The warriors that fought for the Holy Land! Templar Order-icon
Mediterranean                County of Edessa-icon County of EdessaballPrincipality of Antioch-icon Principality of AntiochballKingdom of Jerusalem-icon Kingdom of Jerusalemball (Principality of Galilee-icon Principality of GalileeballCounty of Jaffa and Ascalon-icon County of Jaffa and AscalonballLordship of Oultrejordain-icon Lordship of OultrejordainballLordship of Sidon-icon Lordship of Sidonball) • County of Tripoli-icon County of TripoliballCilicia-icon Armenian Kingdom of Ciliciaball aLatin Empire-icon Latin Empireball (Duchy of Philippopolis-icon Duchy of Philippopolisball) • Kingdom of Thessalonica-icon Kingdom of ThessalonicaballDuchy of Athens-icon Duchy of Athensball (Marquisate of Bodonitsa-icon Marquisate of Bodonitsaball) • Principality of Achaea-icon Principality of Achaeaball (Lordship of Argos and Nauplia-icon Lordship of Argos and Naupliaball) • Duchy of Neopatria-icon Duchy of NeopatriaballDuchy of the Archipelago-icon Duchy of NaxosballLatin Empire-icon Triarchy of NegroponteballKingdom of Sicily-icon County palatine of Cephalonia and ZakynthosballLordship of Chios-icon Lordship of ChiosballVenice-icon Republic of Veniceball (Kingdom of Candia-icon Kingdom of CandiaballVenetian Ionian Islands-icon Venetian Ionian Islandsball) • Kingdom of Cyprus-icon Kingdom of CyprusballHospitaller-icon Hospitaller Maltaball

Baltics                Dobrzyn Land-icon Dobrzyń LandballCross-icon Terra Marianaball (Denmark-icon Denmarkball (Duchy of Estonia-icon Duchy of Estoniaball) • Archbishopric of Riga-icon Archbishopric of RigaballBishopric of Courland-icon Bishopric of CourlandballBishopric of Dorpat-icon Bishopric of DorpatballBishopric of Ösel-Wiek-icon Bishopric of Ösel-WiekballLivonian Order-icon Livonian Orderball)Teutonic-icon State of the Teutonic Orderball (Bishopric of Culm-icon Bishopric of CulmballBishopric of Pomesania-icon Bishopric of PomesaniaballPrince-Bishopric of Warmia-icon Bishopric of ErmlandballBishopric of Samland-icon Bishopric of Samlandball)
a Cilicia-icon Armenian Kingdom of Ciliciaball had its origins before the Crusades, but was granted the status of a kingdom by the
Papal States-icon Papal Statesball, and later became fully westernized by the Kingdom of France-icon Kingdom of Franceball.
Malta-icon Republic of Malta Malta-icon
Regions Gozo-icon GozoballMalta Majjistral-icon Malta MajjistralballMalta Xlokk-icon Malta Xlokkball
Former entities Skorba-icon SkorbaballFatimid-icon Emirate of MaltaballHospitaller-icon Order of Saint John of JerusalemballSavoy-icon Sovereign Military Order of MaltaballFrench Malta-icon French MaltaballBritish Malta-icon British Maltaball
Libya-icon Republic of Libya Ghaddafireich Libya-icon
Districts Tripolitania-icon Tripolitaniaball (Libya-icon (division) Jabal al GharbiballLibya-icon (division) JafaraballLibya-icon (division) MisrataballLibya-icon (division) MurqubballLibya-icon (division) NalutballLibya-icon (division) Nuqat al KhamsballLibya-icon (division) SirteballLibya-icon (division) TripoliballLibya-icon (division) Zawiyaball) • Cyrenaica-icon Cyrenaicaball (Libya-icon (division) Al WahatballLibya-icon (division) BenghaziballLibya-icon (division) ButnanballLibya-icon (division) DernaballLibya-icon (division) Jabal al AkhdarballLibya-icon (division) KufraballLibya-icon (division) Marjball) • Fezzan-icon Fezzanball (Libya-icon (division) GhatballLibya-icon (division) JufraballLibya-icon (division) MurzuqballLibya-icon (division) SabhaballLibya-icon (division) Wadi al HayaaballLibya-icon (division) Wadi al Shatiiball)
Former entities Berbers-icon TuaregballSPQR-icon SPQRballVandal Kingdom-icon VandalsballIslam-icon CaliphateballOttoman Tripolitania-icon Ottoman LibyaballItalian Libya-icon Italian LibyaballTripolitania-icon Tripolitanian RepublicballBritish Libya-icon British LibyaballFrench Libya-icon French LibyaballLibya-icon Kingdom of LibyaballLibyan Arab Republic-icon Libyan Arab RepublicballGaddafi Libya-icon Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab JamahiriyaballLibya-icon National Transitional CouncilballISIS-icon ISISball (Wilayat Barqa-icon Wilayat Barqaball)
France-icon BAGUETTE French Republic France-icon
Régions Cross of Burgundy-icon Bourgogne-Franche-Comtéball (Burgundy-icon BurgundyballFranche-Comté-icon Franche-Comtéball) • Normandy-icon Normandyball (Normandy-icon Lower NormandyballUpper Normandy-icon Upper Normandyball) • Grand Est-icon Grand Estball (Alsace-icon AlsaceballChampagne-Ardenne-icon Champagne-ArdenneballLorraine-icon Lorraineball) • Occitania-icon Occitanieball (Languedoc-Roussillon-icon Languedoc-RoussillonballMidi-Pyrénées-icon Midi-Pyrénéesball) • Hauts-de-France-icon Hauts-de-Franceball (Flanders-icon Nord-Pas-de-CalaisballPicardy-icon Picardyball) • Nouvelle-Aquitaine-icon Nouvelle-Aquitaineball (Aquitaine-icon AquitaineballLimousin-icon LimousinballPoitou-Charentes-icon Poitou-Charentesball) • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes-icon Auvergne-Rhône-Alpesball (Auvergne-icon AuvergneballRhône-Alpes-icon Rhône-Alpesball (Lyon-icon Lyonball)) • Brittany-icon BrittanyballCentre-Val de Loire-icon Centre-Val de LoireballCorsica-icon Corsicaball (Ajaccio-icon Ajaccioball) • Kingdom of France-icon Île-de-Franceball (Paris-icon Parisball) • Pays de la Loire-icon Pays de la LoireballProvence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur-icon Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azurball (Marseille-icon Marseilleball)
Overseas régions French Guyana-icon French GuianaballGuadeloupe-icon GuadeloupeballMartinique-icon MartiniqueballMayotte-icon MayotteballRéunion-icon Réunionball
Other territoires France-icon Clipperton IslandballFrench Southern and Antarctic Lands-icon French Southern and Antarctic LandsballFrench Polynesia-icon French PolynesiaballNew Caledonia-icon New CaledoniaballSaint Barthélemy-icon Saint-BarthélemyballSaint Pierre and Miquelon-icon Saint Pierre and MiquelonballWallis and Futuna-icon Wallis and Futunaball
Former entities Gaul-icon GaulballFrancia-icon FranksballMerovingian-icon MerovingianballCarolingian-icon CarolingianballKingdom of France-icon Kingdom of FranceballParis Commune-icon Paris CommuneballVichy France-icon Vichy Franceball/Free Franceball Free France-icon

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