Close your eyes and you won't see it.
Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball

Hong Kongball (soon to become Xianggangball xixixixi) is a cityball of China-icon Chinaball. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region along with his brother Macau-icon Macauball, thus he is given nearly complete autonomy from China-icon Chinaball. He was forced to quit English-icon Commonwealthball

He was ceded to UK-icon UKball at the end of the First Opium War, when the British beat the crap out of and embarrassed Qing-icon Qing Chinaball. Hong Kong was later a crown colony and then a British Dependent Territory of UK-icon UKball.


Hong Kongball was born for nomadic 1-icon 1balls who were fishing. Hong Kong had an very long peaceful time until Qing-icon Manchuballs conquered China.

Qing-icon Qingball was failed on First Opium War and Second Opium War, so Qing-icon Qingball ceded Hong Kong Island to the UK-icon UKball in perpetuity. He was raised in the Commonwealth family by UK-icon UKball, and became very fond of his adoptive father's ways.

In 1941 Japanese-Empire-icon Imperial Japanball kidnapped Hong Kongball, and raped him, along with Taiwan-icon Chinaball, British Singapore-icon Tringapore, France-icon French Indochinaball, United States Philippines-icon Philippinesball, Taiwan-icon Taiwanball, and Joseon-icon Koreaball, but he was rescued by his adoptive father UK-icon UKball and his adoptive brother USA-icon USAball.

In 1997, UK-icon UKball returned him to his biological father China-icon Chinaball (who at this point was communist), something which he was not very happy about, because he did not want to be suppressed like Tibet-icon Tibetball and Uyghur-icon East Turkestan. But UK-icon UKball managed to get him a compromise, so Hong Kongball became a Special Administrative Region of China-icon Chinaball. However, Hong Kongball still prefers his adoptive father over his biological one.

In June 2015, after years of protests against the reform measures from China-icon Chinaball, Hong Kongball rejects the measures made by his authoritarian father and finally feels one step closer to his dream of breaking away from China-icon Chinaball.


Like any other countryballs that don't natively speak English, Hong Kongball speaks his own dialect of broken English. In addition, you need to know Chinese-icon Cantonese profanities (like diu (屌/𨳒)), if you want to understand the true essence of the Cantonese language...

"Bad Five words in Cantonese" (廣東話一門五傑)

Kurwa hk

Diu (屌/𨳒), Gau(鳩/𨳊) , lan(撚/𨶙), Tsat(柒/𨳍), Hai(屄/閪)

Other curse phrases

  • Diu(屌): Fuck.
  • Ding Ley go fai(頂你個肺): Headbutt your lung. Used like any swear words, but has no special meaning.
  • Diu Ley lo mo (屌你老母): F*** your mother. Sometimes written as "Delay No More" due to a Hong Kong Meme (cantonese PPAP.
  • Lun: Male genital.
  • Pok Gai (仆街): Sometimes abbreviated to PK. Literal Meaning: Fall on the street, basically the equivalent of DROP DEAD in English . Can be used it a insulting manner, or as a joke. (Oh, did you pok gai or something?)
  • Hai: female genital
  • Ding (頂): Mean Headbutt something or your organs live your LUNGS or STOMACH.
  • Tsat Tow (柒頭): Means dickhead or asshole.



老友 (Friends)

Almost everyone, especially...

  • Macau-icon Macauball - Fellow Cantonese speaking brother who likes gambling. Shares a very similar culture. He is also very friendly and leads a more relaxing life style! He is actually older than me.
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Best friend forever! Admire him a lot for the freedom, democracy, and 台妹 (Taiwanese girls so hot)! Share the same values and against the oppressive Mainlanders!
  • Singapore-icon Tringapore - Pals. Fellow dragon! Also yearns papa UK before and having booming economies afterwards.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Fellow dragon, but too much plastic surgery and loving sappy drama.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - 1941 never forget! Okay with each other because of good anime (but too much tentacles). Also sushi is the best! Always eat. 
  • UK-icon UKball - Adoptive father, I didn't always like him because he was often a tyrant too, but he was far better than the continental communists. 
  • USA-icon USAball - Adoptive brother, UK-icon Papa UK's most successful son. Love his culture (except/especially the guns culture stuff). Thanks for the investment. HAHAHA Sorry for surpassing you GDP per capita. Also fast food is best, always eaten macdonalds since I was young.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Another adoptive brother, who doesn't like involving himself with the crazy dramas of the world. The ideal clay for emigration.
  • Chaozhou-icon Chaozhouball (sometime) - The hometown of many successful people in Hongkong, Li Jiacheng is one of them. I admire him in some ways. He is also a businessman, and is my trading partner, too. Great food.
  • Gibraltar-icon Gibraltarball - We barely met, but he also has a Spain-icon annoying neighbour like me! Kinda sympathize his situation.

敵人 (Enemies) 

  • China-icon Chinaball - My biological father, but I dislike him for constantly trying to take away my freedom and rule of law who I rook up to, he of ribelate me xixixixi. STUPID F***ING COMMUNIST DOGEATING MAINLANDERS!!! THEY COME AND RUIN THE ECONOMY!!! THEY S**T AND SPIT EVERYWHERE AND BUY ALL MY MILK POWDER!!! DOES NOT GIB ELECTION BUT GIB POLLUTION!!! REMOVE MAINLANDERS!!! REMOVE COMMIES!!! GIB PIKACHU BACK!!! 1997 WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!! Stop messing with my own affairs and censoring my media! Press freedom plox! They give us water and veggies and meat tho, and we send them back some recycled stuff. WHY U RESTRICT TYPES OF PAPER TO BE RECYCLED!!!! MY RECYCLING INDUSTRY IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHY U REWRITE 1997!!!! WE ARE NOT CHINA!!!!!
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - Also hates the commies of Beijing. But BRUTALLY MASSACRED MY PEOPLE, I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT! Also my maid. YOU OF OBEY ME I AM YUOR MASTER!
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - We won't forget what you done to me in Germany-icon Germanyball.
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball (sometime) - Beijing's dog!!! He doesn't let me in!
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - A madman who wants to destroy the world!