Hamburgball is a city-land in Germany-icon Germanyball. There is frequent dissent between the city and USA-icon USAball as to which the term "hamburger" originated.


Hamburgball was a 2-icon 2ball, evolved in a Germania-icon Germaniaball, a Carolingian-icon Carolingianball and a HRE-icon HREball member. He formed a part of German Empire-icon German Empireball,Germany-icon Weimar Republicball, Nazi-icon Naziball, ReichRawr-icon ReichRawr, Germany-icon West Germanyball and Germany-icon Germanyball.

On 7 July 2017, Hamburg was the scene of protests and violence because of the G20 meeting.


Hamburgball is located in northern Germany, most of the Land is flat.



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