Gib, Gib, Fer, Fer, Haur, Haur, Manele...
— Gypsyball


Gypsyball (A.K.A Romaniball) came all the way from India-icon Indiaball's clay to Europe's clay, only to find itself hated again by many European balls, such as Romania-icon Romaniaball, Hungary-icon Hungaryball and Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball. Gypsyball was even forced by Romaniaball to change its name from Romaball to gypsyball, because Romaniaball was afraid his brother France-icon Franceball would think they were related. Romaball is hated by almost everybody for being poor, dumb, smelly and saying "Gib". Romaball is everywhere in Bulgariaball.


Romaball has friends is pony, Germany-icon Germanyball and Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball try to be friendly, but when it comes down to really helping them, they are distracted by getting money from Romaniaball and Hungaryball.

The only know relatives of Romaball are India-icon Indiaball, Pakistan-iconPakistanball, Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball, Nepal-icon NepalRawr, and Sri Lanka-icon Sri Lankaball but they are of hatings him and call him a great disgrace to the family

He maybe can into being friends of secret with Sentineleseball ball because they might of having a sympathy for each other as they are bullied and harassed by other countries.


South Korea-icon South Koreaball -Good morning! Pastor! The pastor's k-pop and drama are always fun. But you must know the history of World War II right away! Remember the Porajmos!

Iceland-icon Icelandball- .....

Sami-icon Samiball - What is they of? Scandinavia Gypsy?


Everyone removing it, however most important of them are Romania-icon Romaniaball, Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball, UK-icon UKball, Serbia-icon Serbiaball and France-icon Franceball (or everyone).In the Polandball memes it is always stealing or having an argument with Romaniaball and rarely seen with others. Also even Canadaball also hates us a lot and wants to remove us.

Even in Africa! (Including) South Africa-icon South Africaball.

Except for Antarctica (Shhhhhh nobody knows I am of liviShow MoreShow Fewerng on their clay)


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