Guarani-icon Guaraníball is an ancient countryball, a tribe who inhabited South-central South America, including Argentina-icon Argentinaball (Especially Misiones-icon Misionesball), Bolivia-icon Boliviaball, Brazil-icon Brazilball, and Paraguay-icon Paraguay, living in the El Gran Chaco and Pantanal jungles.

The Guarani-icon Guaraniball was born, as a son of a 7-icon 7ball, who was later murdered in the hands of the Portugal-icon Portugalball and the Spanish-Empire-icon Spanish Empireball. They had a war against the Portugal-icon Portuguese and the Spanish-Empire-icon Spaniards to win back their territory, but were severely outnumbered and were annihilated.

In modern times, Guarani-icon Guaraniball is old. He visits with his brothers, Aymara-icon Aymaraball, Inca-icon Inca Empireball and Mapuche-icon Mapucheball, who all live in detention centres across Argentina-icon Argentina and Brazil-icon Brazil.

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