China-icon (subdivision)Guangdongball(China-icon (subdivision)Fujianball: RUN!)

Guangdongball, also known as Cantonball, is the most populous provinceball of China-iconChinaball.


204 years BC, Nanyue-icon Nanyueball was born, but later killed by 1-iconHanball. After this, Guangdongball have been self-cultivation many times.

In 1941, Japanese-Empire-iconEmpire of Japanball kidnapped Guangdongball, and raped him many times. But he came back his Taiwan-iconfather finally. Then, Taiwan-iconRepublic of Chinaball lost the war by China-iconChinaball, Guangdong became one of China's many sons.


Guangdongball was once the most hardworking and industrious provinceball. But over time, thanks to the monies sent over by Hong Kong-iconHong Kongball, Macau-iconMacauball, and USA-iconUSAball, he became lazy and gluttonous. Now with his newfound monies, he hires migrant workers to do all the work while he eats dim sum and naps all day.

Guangdongball hates migrant workers for polluting his clay and diluting his Cantonese culture; but at the same time, he's afraid to kick them out because without migrant workers he would have to actually work for a living again.


老友 (Friends)

  • China-iconChinaball - Father who is forcing me to speak Putonghua.
  • Hainan-iconHainanball - Back to my clay!
  • Hong Kong-iconHong Kongball and Macau-iconMacauball - Cantonese brothers who will soon be anschlussed into my clay xixixixi. Gib more monies, plox!
  • UK-iconUKball and Portugal-iconPortugalball - Friends from afar? Thank you guys money! Gib more plox!
  • Chaozhou-iconChaozhouball - He doesn't speak Cantonese, and one of my family members, but he came from Fuj...I...m...mustn't eat...
  • China-icon (subdivision)Nan'aoball - I lost Hainan, at least I have yuo - Only island of me.
  • China-icon (subdivision)Fujianball - Cousin, our language is very similar. Of course, I specialize in eating my cousin.
  • Capitalist Fujianball - Are you of my food friend, too~oo~~?

中立 (Neutrals)

  • USA-iconUSAball - My father enemy...... But thank your money!

敵人 (Enemies)

  • Beijing-iconBeijingball - I am rich than you! And you language so ugly!