Grenadaball is a countryball the Caribbeans. She is a former colony of UKball. She can into nutmeg.

History Edit

Grenadaball born as a 7ball, discovered by Cristopher Columbus in 1492. Kingdom of Franceball and UKball adopted her. The last one in the West Indies Federationball.

Grenada was invaded in 1983 by USAball. She has forgiven him since, but still holds a grudge against him.

Nowadays, Grenadaball is an independent country since 1974.

How to draw Edit

Draw Grenadaball is not so simple:

  1. Draw a red border in the basic circle shape
  2. Draw some yellow stars in the border: three on the top, three on the bottom
  3. Divide the rest of the shape in four rays
  4. Color them of yellow and green
  5. Draw a yellow picture of nutmeg in the green left part (with a red bottom)
  6. Draw a red circle in the centre, with a yellow star in the centre of it
  7. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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