“No independence for yuo!”
―Denmarkball, talking to his son, Greenlandball

Greenlandball is an autonomous countryball of Denmark-icon Denmarkball. It can into being the largest island in the world. It is a generally political-quiet country, and is pretty much irrelevant to everyone except Denmark, although Greenlandball will tell you otherwise. He hates being called "Ice-Poland".

Greenland is more Inuit than Nordic and wants to into independence, but master Denmark will not go beyond letting Greenland exit the EU, which it did in 1985. Greenlandball is also suicidal, even more than Japan-icon Japanball.


Greenland was discovered by Icelandic and Norwegian Settlers in the 980s and was named Grœnland to seem more attractive than Iceland-icon Icelandball. It was however not Green at all and the early Norse settlers mysteriously died off after a few hundred years.

From 1605-1607, Denmark-icon Denmarkball asserted sovereignty over it and locate lost Norse Settlements. Until the 1700s, colonising Greenland was unsuccessful.


Greenland is not usually seen in a lot of comics, but is portrayed big due to having a lot of landmass. When talking, there should be a lot of "q"s in the dialogue and with bits of Inuit, because the cities and places in Greenland have a lot of 'q's in it.



  • Mongolia-icon Mongoliaball (Real father) - Greenlandball's original Inuits have been traced back to Mongoliaball and Siberia.
  • Nunavut-icon Nunavutball (Little brother)
  • Canada-icon Canadaball (Big brother) - Canada cannot into Greenland,eventhough they want to anschluss them.HA!
  • USA-icon USAball (Big step-brother) - Continental Neighbor and step-brother, Greenland has a good relationship with America, and even hosts the American Thule airbase. Please protect me from Canada! Plz don't take my oil!
  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball (Step-father) - After the Norwegian and Icelandic settlements died out, Greenlandball pretty much became a loner. However, during the 1800s, the Danes sent out ships to find various sea passages to Asia and remembered the land claims in Greenland they had inherited from Norway. Nobody really considered the claims legit, but they let Denmarkball take over Greenlandball anyway.
  • Sednaball - He is cold too, you know!
  • Faroe-icon Faroe Islandsball (Little step-brother) - One of Denmarkball's other sons, Greenlandball and Faroeball don't see each other much anymore.
  • Iceland-icon Icelandball (Big step-brother) - Icelandball was one of the first countryballs to colonize the desolate tundra of Greenlandball, along with Norwayball, but their Greenlandic settlements died out during the 16th century. Icelandball and Greenlandball are still best bros though.
  • Norway-icon Norwayball (Step-uncle) - One of the original colonists of Greenlandball along with Icelandball, the Norwegian's settlements died out around the 13th century. However, Greenball and Norwayball still maintain a close relationship today.
  • Antarctica-icon Antarcticaball (best friend) Antarcticaball and Greenlandball both have almost completely frozen clay and share each other's pain. Antarcticaball has saved Greenlandball multiple times from suicide attempts.


  • Canada-icon Canadaball - He cannot into Greenland, or even anchluss in general!






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