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Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball (aka Gaddafiball) was a historical kebab countryball.


Libya-icon Republic of Libya Ghaddafireich Libya-icon
Districts Tripolitania-icon Tripolitaniaball (Libya-icon (division) Jabal al GharbiballLibya-icon (division) JafaraballLibya-icon (division) MisrataballLibya-icon (division) MurqubballLibya-icon (division) NalutballLibya-icon (division) Nuqat al KhamsballLibya-icon (division) SirteballLibya-icon (division) TripoliballLibya-icon (division) Zawiyaball) • Cyrenaica-icon Cyrenaicaball (Libya-icon (division) Al WahatballLibya-icon (division) BenghaziballLibya-icon (division) ButnanballLibya-icon (division) DernaballLibya-icon (division) Jabal al AkhdarballLibya-icon (division) KufraballLibya-icon (division) Marjball) • Fezzan-icon Fezzanball (Libya-icon (division) GhatballLibya-icon (division) JufraballLibya-icon (division) MurzuqballLibya-icon (division) SabhaballLibya-icon (division) Wadi al HayaaballLibya-icon (division) Wadi al Shatiiball)
Former entities Berbers-icon TuaregballSPQR-icon SPQRballVandal Kingdom-icon VandalsballIslam-icon CaliphateballOttoman Tripolitania-icon Ottoman LibyaballItalian Libya-icon Italian LibyaballTripolitania-icon Tripolitanian RepublicballBritish Libya-icon British LibyaballFrench Libya-icon French LibyaballLibya-icon Kingdom of LibyaballLibyan Arab Republic-icon Libyan Arab RepublicballGaddafi Libya-icon Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab JamahiriyaballLibya-icon National Transitional CouncilballISIS-icon ISISball (Wilayat Barqa-icon Wilayat Barqaball)

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