Goryeoball was of very mighty, stronk and united countryball in East Asia. It is also where the word "Korea" originated from..


In 918, Goryeoball killed Taebongball and became a countryball . Sillaball suicided by letting Goryeoball kill himself. Then Goryeoball invaded later Baeckjeball and took most of the peninsula. He was also the first to invent metal type.He loved buddhism as much as Sillaball.

During the Mongol invasions of Korea war, Goryeo changed its capital to defend Mongol, and later won the war.But the government surrendered and Mongol had influence over Goryeoball.He got full independence in the mid 1300s.

In 1392, he was killed by the rebel Joseonball.

How to draw

That's how to draw Goryeoball:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a circle spiral of bleak and red in the centre
  3. Draw these black trigramms (clockwise, from up-left): ☵, ☰, ☵ and