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Gibraltarball is a dependency of UKball, claimed by Spainball.

History Edit

Gibraltarball was born and grown his mother with Spainball during the time of the crusade, in the year 1404. Then after the treaty of Utrecht, his father UKball ruled him in 1713 after three centuries.

Nowadays, Gibraltarball is an happy dependency of his father, claimed by his mother. He wants to remain a UKball colony and rejects joint sovereignty with his mother. Along with UKball, he guards the entrance/exit to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

However, whilst his father wanted out of EUball, he really wants to remain.

Can into idiom but everyone says it's stupid.

Gibraltarball can now into famous because he is featured as a map in Overwatch.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • SPQRball: I descended from him.
  • UKball: father whom I will always follow no matter what - not out of EUball, however.
  • Spainball: mother but I don't follow her. I will always remain British no matter what.
  • Portugalball: anquél
  • Franceball: uncle

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Spainball: When she claims me! Remove Paella! Let tea rul Iberia mate! MADRID WILL FALL! REMEMBER THE MAINE! Llo am ofixiol part of UK!
  • Russiaball: Sorry, I won't let your ships pass the Straits of Gibraltar!
  • "FECKS YUO IS OF MY CLAY SPAIN STRONK"-Spain when asked about the issue.

How to draw Edit

That's how to draw Gibraltarball:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a more down red stripe
  3. Draw a red castle of three high towers in the white stripe linked to the red stripe
  4. Draw a yellow vertical key pending from the central tower
  5. Draw the eyes and you've finished

Gallery Edit


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