Georgia has into disambiguation
Remove Vodka!
— Georgiaball

This article is about the countryball in the Caucasian region. For the stateball in USAball, see Georgiaball (state).

Georgiaball (Georgian: საქართველობურთი, Sakartveloburti) is a countryball in the Caucasian region of Eurasia. Georgiaball should never be confused with the თვითმარქვია USA state of Georgiaball. It is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Vodka, to the south by Kebab The Great  and Lavash, and to the southeast by Kebab. It's claim to fame is that Joseph Stalin's from the country.

Georgiaball can also into weird alphabet like Armeniaball, some even look like hands. Sometimes Japanball use its alphabet to create emoticons like ლ(^ε^ლ)

Stalin's Mission was completed!





''Abkhaziaball is of my son, stole by Russiaball. now Russiaball trying to anschluss him, to have a large black sea coast. Abkhaziaball is very very beautiful, Russiaball doesn't have something like that. I of believing I can live with peace with my son Abkhaziaball after Russiaball get f*** away from this region and we will live together and became part of EUball family. now time to talk about South Ossetiaball they are refugees from north Caucasus, we save them from Russkies, Russkies is of wanted kill him. Russia is of trying to make genocide with all Caucasian nations like he did with Circassians and Chechens. Ossetians settled with us and we were like bros, but when we became independent Russia was angry so he decided to rise here conflict to have rights on our clay. i don't hate Ossetiaball, at all Georgiaball is multicultural country.. there lives Armens, Azris, Russkies, Jews, north Caucasians etc. we don't have problems with 'em. Russia is of Evil. modern Mongol horde! Remove Vodka! #Defend Kavkaz!'' Seriously, don't secede.

Stolen Clay / Old Territories

"Evil Vodka and Kebabs stole my lands when I was attacked by evil russkies! (Bolsheviks) They stole Sochi and Dvaleti! they also stole Saingilo and Lore from me and gave it to Azeri and Armenia! but I don't hate Azeriball and Armeniaball for that.

In same time evil kebab (Ottoman Empire) attacked me and stole from most important territory from which is called Tao-Klarjeti (Lazetiaball)





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