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Remove Vodka!
— Georgiaball

This article is about the countryball in the Caucasian region. For the stateball in USA-icon USAball, see US Georgia-icon Georgiaball (state).

Georgiaball (Georgian: საქართველობურთი, Sakartveloburti) is a countryball in the Caucasian region of Eurasia. Georgiaball should never be confused with the თვითმარქვია USA state of Georgiaball. It is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia-icon Vodka, Abkhazia-icon Abkhaziaball and South Ossetia-icon South Ossetiaball to the south by Turkey-icon Kebab The Great  and Armenia-icon Lavash, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan-icon Kebab. It's claim to fame is that Joseph Stalin's from the country.

Georgiaball can also have weird alphabet like Armeniaball, some even look like hands. Sometimes Japanball use its alphabet to create emoticons like ლ(^ε^ლ), also ღ is not a heart but our super unique letter from our super unique alphabet, which can not be found in any other language, except every second language.

Georgiaball can also into Junior Eurovision but into Eurovision, for example Georgiaball has the most wins in Junior Eurovision (3 wins) while Russiaball, Belarusball and Maltaball have 2 wins in Junior Eurovision. Even though he has three wins he is not always successful in it but his neighbour Armeniaball always does well in Junior Eurovision but only has one win (Get rekt, lol)

Stalin's Mission was completed!



  • Poland-icon Polandball - They like eachother very much and hate Russia-icon Russiaball. DEFEND KURWA!
  • USA-icon USAball - Our close friend and ally, help us giving javelins and training our soldiers, go Trump! His son is a rip off though.
  • Finland-icon Finlandball - We both are vodka removers! I applaud you for successfully defending your homeland during the Winter War. I wish I was like you.
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball - Good friend, he recognized my independence from vodka in 1918 and he also likes to removes vodka! but he has no reflection in mirror.
  • Colchis-icon Lazicaball - He is brother of Georgiaball, and a friend of the Turkey-icon Kebab.
  • Armenia-icon Armeniaball -The best neighbor. Always arguing but secretly good friends with long history. Also makes good lavash. (Shh... It wasn't Mesrop Mashtots who wrote our alphabet, stop your claims plox. We have THREE alphabets, yuo have 1). BUT STOP SUPPORTING VODKA!!! AND GIB LORE BACK!! 1918 NEVER FORGET!!!
  • Azerbaijan-icon Azerbaijanball - Frenemies. Gibs oil, and a good boy, but he's a Kebab and also Muslim, so Georgiaball feels about him controversially. Also, David Gareja Monastery is mine, stop claimings my clay. And we want to tell you that we're the original settlers of the Caucasus GIB BACK SAINGILO!!
  • Iran-icon Iranball - We two had bloody relations back in history (Mostly him being the aggressor, of course), but now we are great friends, Iranians love visiting our clay (WHAT THEY ONCE TRIED TO CONQUER). We like each other and thank you for not of recognizing Abkhazia-icon Abkhaziaball and South Ossetia-icon South Ossetiaball (Even tho this so-called "Ossetia" is Iranian as well)
  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball-best friend of Georgiaball. Both hate Russia-icon Vodkaball. Gives him tanks, planes, molotov cocktails. We always give each other 12 points on Eurovision. THIS is what true friendship looks like
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - Old bro (nearly 27 century old), they like each other alot. Nowadays supplies him with guns, and upgrades tanks given by Ukraine-icon Ukraineball. But his recent activities towards our tourists and even politics kinda confuses us.
  • Latvia-icon Latviaball - Just admit, I have always been the definition of SLAY at Jurmala festival.
  • Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball - He is awesome. Recently gave us promise to stop calling us our vodka name "Gruzija," instead he will call us our original name "Sakartvelo." Great move, my friend! Also gives us 12 points on Eurovision very often.  
  • Estonia-icon Estoniaball - Also Bal... err... Nordic (? I guess?) friend. We respect how your (If I'm not mistaken) Prime Minister thinks we are having economic boom, but please... 
  • Japan-icon Japanball - We both hate stupid Russia-icon Russia. nice autos, interesting culture, gibed monies. but he's strange as f***...
  • Greece-icon Greeceball -He owns golden fleece to Georgiaball, and dunnot want to return it. (PAY DENBTS GREECE). Also orthodox.
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - Thanks for the pipe work. But glorious Adjara is our clay, revoke your claims and stop supporting radical Islamism on my clay (I know it's you!)


  • Russia-icon Russiaball - უსინდისო პროჭო დააბრუნე რაც მომპარე!! აფხაზეთი და სამაჩაბლო თუ გაპატიო! დააბრუნე სოჭი! დააბრუნე დვალეთი!! ნუ აქეზებ სეპარატისტებს ჩემ ქვეყანაში! ძირს პუტინი! ძირს თქვენი დიქტატურა! გამოუშვით ჩეჩნები და ინგუშები და გაუშვით თქვენი ჯარი ჩვენი ქვეყნიდან!!!. Tries to annex Kavkaz. Thats why he hates Georgiaball. is of worst neighbor. Vodka remover since 1800. when Russian-Empire-iconRussian Empireball annexed Kartli-Kakhetiball! Also NEVER FORGET 1801!! GEORGIEVSKY TRAKTAT WAS OF LIES!! 1828 AND 1921 NEVER FORGET!!! HOW DARE YUO REMOVING ME FROM MY CLAY?!?!? 1991 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!! FUCK YOU FOR WINNING JUNIOR EUROVISION 2017 WHICH WAS HELD IN MY CLAY!
  • US Georgia-icon Georgiaball (state) - Name stealer. I am centuries older than you are so change name already!
  • South Ossetia-iconAbkhazia-icon Separatists - You are of my clay!!


''Abkhaziaball is of my son, stole by Russiaball. now Russiaball trying to anschluss him, to have a large black sea coast. Abkhaziaball is very very beautiful, Russiaball doesn't have something like that. I of believing I can live with peace with my son Abkhaziaball after Russiaball get f*** away from this region and we will live together and became part of EUball family. now time to talk about South Ossetiaball they are refugees from north Caucasus, we save them from Russkies, Russkies is of wanted kill him. Russia is of trying to make genocide with all Caucasian nations like he did with Circassians and Chechens. Ossetians settled with us and we were like bros, but when we became independent Russia was angry so he decided to rise here conflict to have rights on our clay. i don't hate Ossetiaball, at all Georgiaball is multicultural country.. there lives Armens, Azris, Russkies, Jews, north Caucasians etc. we don't have problems with 'em. Russia is of Evil. modern Mongol horde! Remove Vodka! #Defend Kavkaz!'' Seriously, don't secede.

Stolen Clay / Old Territories

"Evil Vodka and Kebabs stole my lands when I was attacked by evil russkies! (Bolsheviks) They stole Sochiball and Dvaletiball! they also stole Saingiloball and Loreball from me and gave it to Azeri and Armenia! but I don't hate Azeriball and Armeniaball for that.

In same time evil kebab (Ottoman Empire) attacked me and stole from most important territory from which are called Tao-Klarjetiball and Lazetiball