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Gaulball, also known as Celticball, is an adopted child of SPQRball, and the ancestor of the rival siblings UKball and Franceball. Celtic refers to a much broader range of tribes with similar languages in central and western europe, but the Gauls were the Celtic people who populated modern day France, Benelux, England, Switzerland, and northern Italy.

Life before RomeEdit

Before Rome, there was the good old days. Gaulball was healthy and free. Gaulball didn't mind Rome too much as long as they didn't invade, though they did cause lots of mischief on Rome's northern borders. It was just starting to make the irony stuff into tools. And they could paint with all the colors of the wind. And then SPQRball ansclussed him.

After RomeEdit

When SPQRball came along, it asked Gaulballs for clay. the Gaulballs refused, and so many wars were fought between Rome and Gaul. But eventually Gaul was conquered, annexed and adopted by SPQRball, a harsh trainer but otherwise a loving stepfather who taught them technology, Latin, and the art of Imperialism. But as Gaulball's new stepfather grew old and weak, he attempted one last try at freeing himself, but resulted in failure. When SPQRball died, however, the Celtic siblings were left as orphans, and became rivals in the early middle ages with Young Christianity causing more conflicts. Celticballs are now the ancestors of UKball, Irelandball and Franceball.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Franceball: My Great Great Granddaughter. She is a kind of Roman now, because she speak a language very similar and with many roots of Latin.
  • Switzerlandball: Grandson. He didn't get conquered like I did which is nice. But he speak two Latin languages and a Germanic language now.
  • Irelandball: Great Grandson. Didn't get taken over by Germania as his brother did. He's trying to get back to his Celtic language, what a pride for me.
  • Scotlandball: Another of my Great Grandsons. He was never conquered by the Roman or by Germania. You need protect your Celtic language!!!
  • Walesball: My Great Grandson: You was invaded and conquered by the Romans and later by the Germanics... but you was still a proudly Celt!!! I'm very proudly of you, you not abandoned your Celtic language ... Celts stronk!!! What you doing with this sheep.... oh my gods!!!
  • Englandball: My Great Grandson, but he is also almost fully Germanic now. He speak a Germanic language now. You're no longer Celtic, you're an Germanic Anglo Saxon now.

Friends Edit

  • Carthageball: First fighter against rome. Also you hired me to fight for you so thank-you for job!

Neutral Edit

  • Germaniaball: You sacked rome, which is so great, but you were mean to me before. Never forget Noricum!!

Enemies Edit

  • SPQRball: Rome... I always felt suspicious about you... Then you took me in battle... REMOVE CAESAR!

Gallery Edit

External Links Edit

Official FB page

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