Gangwon-doball is a province/regionball of North Koreaball.

This Gangwon-doball is the Gangwon-doball in North Koreaball. If you are looking at the Gangwon-doball in South Koreaball, please go to this page.


Gangwon-doball was one of the Eight Provinces of Joseonball. In 1895,Gangwon-doball split and changed it's name to District of Chuncheonball, named after Chuncheonball, and the other half named District of Gangneungball, named after Gangneungball. One year later, It got the name Gangwon-doball back.

After invadings of Japanese Empireball, Gangwon-doball split into half because of the 38th parallel.

In 1946, North Koreaball took the split Gangwon-doball's northern part, which made today's Gangwondo-ball of North Korea.

Eventually, South Koreaball took Gangwon-doball's southern part and created today's Gangwondo-ball of South Korea.

Since 1946, Gangwon-doball(North) yells at Gangwon-doball(South) that their glorious supreme leader is the best.