Gabonball is a countryball in Africa. He is located in Central Africa, and is rarely ever relevant. Can into same independence like Indonesiaball

History Edit

Gabonball was descended from 8ball and after this, from Bantuball. He was born around 1400, and was visited by Kingdom of Portugalball in the mid-1500s. He was colonized by Franceball in 1839-41, but not fully incorporated into her adoptive family until 1903. He became independent in 1960, and is as irrelevant as ever today. Gabonball is one of the richest countries in Africa, because of his oil, but have a corrupt government.

Relationships Edit

  • Franceball - Adoptive mother. Helped expand my clay.
  • Equatorial Guineaball - Sister who went a bit crazy after she was adopted by Spainball. She is my rival because of oil and HDI
  • Portugalball - Visitor to my clay.
  • Indonesiaball- Same Independent Countryball that freedom at same date.


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