Sing the I was not a Nazi Polka!
— GD Ball

'GDball  (also commonly referred to simply as GD BallGroßdeutschlandball, or Grossdeutschlandball) is a militaryball based on the historical Panzer Grenadier Division "Großdeutschland". The Großdeutschland Division was an elite combat unit of the Heer that fought primarily on the Eastern front during World War II. The Großdeutschland Division was considered to be the premier unit of the Germany army and as such it was one of the best-equipped units of the Heer, receiving equipment before almost all other units.


GDball was created in 1921 as the Wachregiment Berlin where he was used to offset the threat of revolution and for ceremonial duties such as parades  and guard duties in the capital, Berlin. He was short-lived and was disbanded later that year. However, he was recreated as the Kommando der Wachtruppe, a unit basically used for the same things as the Wachregiment.

Wachtruppe was made up of seven companies, one from each Division of the Weimar Republic. This means that he represented the whole Reichswehr.

The unit was renamed to Wachtruppe Berlin by Adolf Hitler in 1934.

The unit was, oncea again, renamed in 1937 to Wach Regiment Berlin.

The Wach Regiment Berlin provided escorts and guards of honour for state visits, conferences and even the Olympic Games.




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