French Polynesiaball is a dependency of France-icon Franceball.


French Polynesiaball (with the biggest and most populated island Tahitiball, where there is the chief-town) was born as a 7ball discovered and adopted by Franceball.


  • France-icon Franceball - Adoptive-mom. Hey, pay attention to me more! I of exist, you know?
  • Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball - Distant brother who is of under USA-icon America's care. We were close bros until he felt bored and left to find a new home in 1300 AD.

How to draw

That's how to draw French Polynesiaball:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes
  2. Color the outer ones of this red
  3. Draw the coat of arms of French Polynesia in the white stripe
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.