Francia-icon Franksball, also called Franciaball, or during their empire period Frankish Empireball, was a historical countryball until they were split into West Franciaball, East Franciaball and Middle Franciaball and so, they're the first design or dad of France-icon Franceball.

Then the Franks broke their kingdom into what will later be called France and not France.
— Bill Wurtz


Francia-icon Franksball was a 2ball and, later, a Germaniaball. They were a parasite of SPQR-icon SPQRball before becoming independent and conquering most of Gaul-icon Gaulball with their friend, Burgundyball (Germania), after the battle of Soissons in 486 and dethatching Visigothic Kingdomball some years later.

They were a clever ball understanding that it was necessary to be Catholic to control Gaulball soon and was the first one Germanicball baptized, in 496 in Reimsball.

In a mental Salian sharing, they had a long schizophrenic period after having conquered their friend Burgundyball. They lived tree centuries between their four personalities which were Austrasiaball, Burgundyball, Aquitaineball, and Neustriaball before being convinced to be this last one.

Franksball was a military generous ball who conquered many territories around them; sharing Christianism and their Gallic-Roman culture, building unconsciously the European civilization in opposition with Byzantineball's one, and the new Islamic world.

They stopped the Islamic military advancement who destroyed Spainball's Gothsball in Poitiersball in 732 and being the protector of Christianism, grew into a stronk empire. HEIL CHARLEMAGNE!!!

after it, the Merovingians dead and Pepin, the Short was turned in the king, and in a little time, HEIL Charlemagne become the monarch and killed Lombardsball, Saxonyball and created Cataloniaball, becoming the Roman Emperor, making Byzantineball very angry.

They broke up into three parts in 843 as in their ancient times, surviving in their occidental part.

How to draw

Here's how to draw Franksball:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of blue
  2. Draw a yellow drawing (a cross of circles with two circles on each outer point)
  3. Draw eyes and you've finished.


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