Äänd here we goo!
— Lauri Vuohensilta
Perkeleen Vittupää!
— Linus Torvalds

Finlandball is is a nordic countryball located in north Europe like all Nordics and can be in EU-icon European Union, but not EU-icon EEC

He has a considerably high amount of appearances in Polandball comics for a country of his size partly because of Sweden and Estonia.

As the most drunk and most depressed Countryball in Europe, Finland does not have many friends. His adoptive brother is Sweden, but he is of family. However, some consider his sister/Brother Estoniaball as his best friend, since (s)he sells Him cheap alcohol. Another reason nobody likes Finland is because of his huge mood swings. He can go to joyfull and crazy to depressed and suicidal. Which is perfectly normal. Which is not normal. Mood swings might be because of culture division between rich Sweden in the South-west and squatting Russian in the North-East since the Finnish civil war was 100 Years ago!

Suomi is not of Mongol (but is descendant of West Siberian clay!), perkele! He is dark, broody, and more alcoholic than Denmarkball. If that's even possible. The Nordicballs all think of Him as a sad version of Swedenball. He has a very innovative and good social system, and lots of Metal bands success outside of Finland, but enjoys Europop and pop-rock within Finland. Talented musician all round!He is also home to the World-known game company Supercell.


Finlandball was once a slave of Sweden-icon Swedenball, until 1809, when He became part of RussianEmpire-icon Russian Empireball. In 1917 he gained independence,, he descended into civil war between Finnish Whites and Finnish Reds for three months one year later, resulting in Finnish Whites victory. Then in 1939, he kicked Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball butt for attempting to Anschluss him during the Winter War, but was eventually pressured into giving up 10% of its clay to Sovietball by the war's end in 1940. A year later, the Continuation War broke out and Finlandball aligned itself with Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball during Operation Barbarossa and reclaimed its lost clay, but would see its clay lost once again in 1944 after it was once again pressured into surrendering to Sovietball due to there not being enough resources to continue the fight. Finlandball then fought Naziball in the Lapland War and payed war reparations to avoid occupation and retained his independence.

Today, Finlandball still work as a drunken farmer, but somehow, he managed to do some worthy things. Most notably, he develop the famous puzzle video game, Angry Birds, and the "indestructible" Nokia cellphone that not even Russiaball or USAball nukes can destroy. Finlandball celebrated his 100th birthday on December 6th, 2017.


  • Estonia-icon Estoniaball - My sister and best friend. Don't worry you can into Nordic when you can into perkele.
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - My brother who got lost in Europe and was great on your actual home. The only one in the whole Europe, who not just understands my alcoholism, but does it as well also. We both hated Russia, and we both fought him too.
  • Yooper-icon Yooperball - American child, got much sisu. Speaks like Canadians. Also much of his population is Finnish!
  • Karelia-icon Kareliaball and Mari Elball - Brother who lives with Russiaball. i will libert you.
  • Ural-icon Uralball - my dad, he lives with my russian brothers
  • Sami-icon Samiball - polar brother, some of his lives with me.
  • Sweden-icon Swedenball - I was adopoted by him. We are good friends now, but in the past I used to be of him clay. Made perkele pakkoruotsi (forced swedish lessons in school), perkele! Is of hockey rival. 1995 & 2011 NEVER FORGET!!!!
  • Norway-icon Norwayball - tanks for trying to give me the peak of mount halti, i absolutely lob you.
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Our North American friend and hockey rival! I WILL WIN SÖME DÄY!!
  • USA-icon USAball - You love to drink, Do You! At least you love to drink, some lame Countries don't even know how to lift up a bottle! I Like You!!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - ÖF STUPID INVEIDÖR PERKELE.Never forget 1809 and 1939,but we of cools, for now(karjala takas!).... WHY YOU DON'T MY BROTHERS FREE, AND ALSO, WHY YOU KILLED VEPSBALL, I WILL REVENGE THEIR.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball -Is not to be of trustings perkele...REMOVE KIM FAMILY!





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