Fijiball is a small island countryball in the Pacific.


He is northeast ofNew Zealand-icon New Zealandball. To the west lies Vanuatu-icon Vanuatuball. While New Caledonia-icon New Caledoniaball sits to the southwest, Tonga-icon Tongaball  is in the east, Samoa-icon Samoaball and Wallis and Futuna-icon Wallis and Futunaball in the northeast, and Tuvalu-icon Tuvaluball to the north. He is one of the richest poorest in the Pacific countryballs. His father is UK-icon UKball and one of the siblings of Commonwealthball. Before Kingdom of Fiji was established he used to eat human meat ( Search Ratu Udre Udre)

In 2017, he thought about changing his flag, but he decided not to.

He suffered some earthquakes in 2015.


Friends & Family

How to draw

Drawing Fijiball can be a little bit hard:

1.Colour the basic circle shape of this blue

2.Draw the British Union Jack in the up-let quarter (using this this red and white

3. Draw the coat of arms of Fiji

4. Draw the eyes and you have finished.




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