Fascism-icon Fascismball is a nationalist political ideology that was born after WW1. His sworn mortal enemy is Communism-icon Communistball.

After World War 1, many countryballs, especially the ones with weaker economies, adopted fascist ideologies, such as Fascist Italy-icon Italyball, Francoist Spain-icon Francoist Spainball, Nazi Nazi Germanyball.


Fascismball was born in 1914, during the outbreak of World War I. He however rose to prominence after the war's end, within Italian-Empire-icon Italyball, Germany-icon Germanyball, Francoist Spain-icon Spainball, and so on. He was featured in the Fascist Manifesto in 1919, and soon arose around the 1920s and 30s, due to a multitude of reasons, most notably the Great Depression, the impact of World War I, and the rise of communism.

Fascismball devastated the world during World War II, when fascist nations such as Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball, Fascist Italy-icon Fascist Italyball, and other fascist nations formed the axis powers, with certain goals of controlling the world, and for vengeance in World War I (Such was the case of Nazi-icon Naziball). However, he soon fell apart during the Cold War after many fascist nations transitioned into democracy or to Communism-icon communism, but still lives in small numbers, such as the KKK or Nazi-icon Neo-Nazi organizations.


Fascism-icon Fascismball has a rather complex personality, but one thing for sure is that he is aggressive and strict, and is against individualism. He hates Communism-icon Communismball due to a multitude of reasons such as conflicting ideals and theories. He cares much more about the state than an individual, stating that the state is much more important than to an individual's needs (Another reason why he hates Communism-icon Communismball). He is also opposed to liberalism and anarchism as well.






  • "Democracy is not what these people need. It’s not even what they want. People don’t want freedom. They want boundaries, rules. Protection. From invaders and from themselves. People need a leader who could give them both the support and the constraints to keep chaos at bay."
  • "Fascism is a religion. The twentieth century will be known in history as the century of fascism."
  • "It is absurd to believe in the possibility of perpetual peace...Fascist education must be education for battle. Fascism believes in sanctity and heroism."


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