Ecuadorball is a relatively small but respectable countryball in South America. Its main language is Spanish, like his neighbors, and recently can into Rainforest.


Way back before the Incas, Ecuador's clay was inhabited by many Native American confederations. When the Incas arrived, they found that these confederations were so developed that it took the Incas two generations of rulers - Topa Inca Yupanqui and Huayna Capac - to absorb these confederations into the Inca-icon Inca Empire. The native confederations that gave them the most problem were deported to far away areas of Peru-icon Peruball, Bolivia-icon Boliviaball, and north Argentina-icon Argentinaball. Similarly, a number of loyal Inca subjects from Peru and Bolivia were brought to Ecuador to prevent rebellion. Thus, the region of highland Ecuador-icon Ecuadorball became part of the Inca Empire in 1463 sharing the same language.

This was short-lived for the Inca-icon Incaballs, however, because there was a civil war that weakened the Inca empire.

Then after that Spain-icon Spainball came and raped Inca-icon Incaball, took all of his gold and his silver. Bolívar helped the independence of Colombia-icon Colombiaball, Ecuador-icon Ecuadorball, Peru-icon Peruball and Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball and created Gran Colombia-icon Gran Colombiaball but shortly after it. In 1831, Gran Colombiaball died by dividing itself and created Ecuadorball.

Ecuadorball has lost territory with Colombiaball Peruball and Brazil-icon Brazilball. Ecuador is mostly confused with the imaginary line around the earth named ecuador. Ecuador loves everyone and everything but Peruball, the destruction of nature and being too small to fit in.



  • China-icon Chinaball - Our new Asian dad. They gib us structures, loans of Yuan and Dollar!
  • Colombia-icon Colombiaball - Bro in cocaine. Le dije to stop but If I get in the way, Colombia might have some ideas to revive my papa.
  • Gran Colombia-icon Gran Colombiaball - A fusion between me, Venezuela and Colombia in the past. One day me and Venezuela will make a Fusion with Colombia... and Gran Colombia will return!!!
  • Iran-icon Iranball - He is my best Islamic Friend forever. I'll never forget 2008! let's take down Peruball together!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - He is good too... Crazy for nuclear Vodka
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - He is too good! Asian trophy!
  • Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball - My Big bro. Everyone says he is a bad influence for me but I love him.
  • Australia-icon Julian Assange - gave him free citizenship


  • UK-icon UKball - Meh.
  • USA-icon USAball - A love/hate relationship. Gringo that thinks I'm cute... Y un loco for oil.


  • ISIS-icon ISISball - Stop destroying everything or I will kill you In the face. Get this, I'm bigger than You!!! Stop or my friend, Russia and USA will beat you.
  • Peru-icon Peruball - Clay Stealer! I HATE YOU! Ecuador always can into Amazon! Stop eating pigeons you Jawa!


How to draw

Here's how to draw Ecuadorball:

1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes of this yellow, this blue and this red

2. Draw the coat of arms of Ecuador in the centre

3. Draw the eyes and you have finished.


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