Earthball is a second-generation planetball, the third planetball from the Sun-icon Sunball in the Solar System, and a terrestrial planetball. He is the only known planetball to harbor life, especially intelligent life, 6-icon but we may be wrong. The creation of Earth is very highly disputed from person to person. He sometimes wears sunglasses and can speak all languages fluently, unlike the other planetballs.

When he is making presentations, he always misspells his name.

Some inhabitants of Earth believe in 6-icon Extraterrestrials: creatures that were not native to Earth. People once believed Moon-icon the Moon had aliens. Then they believed Mars-icon Mars had 6-icon aliens. Now they target exoplanetballs and search them for alien life. It is 12,756 km in diameter (6378km in radius) and of 510,065,600 km² in surface area. There is a popular theory idea going around that Earth will heat up, causing "Global Warming". This is due to modern countries like USA-icon the United States, Russia-icon Russia and China-icon China using products and factories or nuclear power that make the planet's atmosphere and greenhouse effect hotter without noticing that it could destroy all life on earth. This is still disputed.

He hides time capsules known as chondrules in his interior.

His existence is unknowingly threatened by Earth removers known as Black Hole-iconRed Dwarf-iconPlanet Nine-iconWyoming-iconIlluminati-iconAsteroid-iconComet-iconMaya-icon6-iconDonald Trump-iconISIS-iconNorth Korea-iconMercury-icon the Hatred of Earth League or HEL.


Earthball is a planetball that is disputed amongst approximately 196 countryballs. There are a lot of natural resources, but humans are wasting them on trivial aspects of life. If humans expend all of these, Earthball will harbor endless apocalypse. He also has a natural shield(Atmosphere) which prevents Poland-icon Poland from into space. Unlike other planets, Earthball learned many languages from the countryballs. So he can speak any language fluently, like South Africa-icon Xhosa, Bhutan-icon Dzongkha or 6-icon Klingon.

How to draw

Drawing Earthball is kinda easy

  1. Draw a blue circle
  2. Draw some continents, use green color for the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. also half of the Africa's land. Yellow for the northern part of Africa, Western part of USA-icon USAball and Center part of Australia-icon Australiaball finally. the white color for Antarctica-icon Antarcticaball and some snowy places
  3. Draw the clouds
  4. perfezionare, you finished



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