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Dynastic Chinaballs are the ancestors of Chinaball and Taiwanball. They can into empire and calligraphy.

Dynastic ChinaballsEdit

Chinaballs minorsEdit

Imperial ChinaballsEdit


China-icon People's Republic of China - Serve the People's Currency (Renminbi)! 为人民服务! China-icon
Provinces China-icon (subdivision) AnhuiballChina-icon (subdivision) FujianballChina-icon (subdivision) GansuballChina-icon (subdivision) Guangdongball (China-icon (subdivision)Guangzhouball) • China-icon (subdivision) GuizhouballHainan-icon HainanballChina-icon (subdivision) HebeiballChina-icon (subdivision) Heilongjiangball (Harbin-icon Harbinball) • China-icon (subdivision) Henanball (Kaifeng-icon Kaifengball) • China-icon (subdivision) HubeiballChina-icon (subdivision) HunanballChina-icon (subdivision) Jiangsuball (Suzhou-icon SuzhouballChina-icon (subdivision) NanjingballChina-icon (subdivision) Yangzhouball) • China-icon (subdivision) Jiangxiball (Shangrao-icon Shangraoball) • China-icon (subdivision) Jilinball (China-icon (subdivision) Yanbianball) • China-icon (subdivision) LiaoningballChina-icon (subdivision) QinghaiballChina-icon (subdivision) Shaanxiball (China-icon (subdivision) Xi'anball) • China-icon (subdivision) Shandongball (Qingdao-icon QingdaoballWeihai-iconWeihaiball) • China-icon (subdivision) ShanxiballChina-icon (subdivision) SichuanballChina-icon (subdivision) YunnanballChina-icon (subdivision) Zhejiangball
Autonomous regions Guangxi-icon GuangxiballInner Mongolia-icon Inner MongoliaballChina-icon (subdivision) NingxiaballUyghur-icon XinjiangballTibet-icon Tibetball
Municipalities Beijing-icon BeijingballChina-icon (subdivision) ChongqingballShanghai-icon ShanghaiballTianjin-icon Tianjinball
SARs Hong Kong-icon Hong KongballMacau-icon MacauballTaiwan SAR-icon Taiwanball* • Singapore-icon Xinjiapore* • British Columbia-icon British Columbiaball*
Former entities 1-icon Dynastic Chinaball (1-icon CaoballXia-icon Xiaball1-icon Shangball1-icon Tengball1-icon Zhouball1-icon Qiball1-icon ChuballQin-icon Qinball1-icon Hanball1-icon Jinball1-icon Suiball1-icon Tangball1-icon Liaoball1-icon SongballYuan-icon Yuanball1-icon MingballQing-icon Qingball) • Austro-Hungarian Tientsin-icon Tianjin Concessionballs Russian Tianjin-iconTaiwan-icon BeiyangballEmpire of China-icon Empire of Chinaball (1915–16)Taiwan-icon Republic of ChinaballManchukuo-icon ManchukuoballMengjiang-icon MengjiangballRepublic of Nanjing-icon Republic of Nanjingball
* sooner or later

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