Donetsk People's Republicball is a terrorist proto-state, occupying a part of territory of Ukraine-icon Ukraineball with a terror support of Russia-icon Russiaball. He is affiliated to Novorossiya-icon Novorossiyaball and wants to be with Russiaball.


Prior to 2014, Donetskball was originally known as an oblast of Ukraine-icon Ukraineball when the unrest began in 2014. Separatist soon took over territory in the oblast and established an independent state free from Ukraine. He was soon joined by Luhansk-Republic-icon Lugansk People's Republicball so they can get closer to Russia-icon Russiaball. Ukraineball with the support of EU-icon EUball and USA-icon USAball to reclaim his lost clay, but he failed and was soon pushed back into a stalemate. Donetskball had at one point shot down a Netherlands-icon Dutch airliner by accident causing international outrage. As of 2018, the current War in Donbass is a stalemate and Donetskball remains free from Ukraineball's control.





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