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The Dominican Republicball is a countryball in the Caribbean. Not to be confused with Dominica-icon Dominicaball. His only neighbour is Haiti-icon Haitiball. He also loves plantains USA-icon USAball.


He is addicted to alcohol especially when this is fucking depressing and uncontrollable. He likes baseball and basketball. He also hates when other balls say "Dominica" instead of Dominican.


DRball used to be a 7ball and he lived in peace until Spanish Empireball came and ruined everything, he enslaved DRball's people and he decided to rebel, he and other 7balls tried to attack one of Spanish Empireball's settlements and resulted in failure. When Spanish Empireball noticed there were very few 7balls left, he brought over 100,000 8balls to do his work, years later Spanish Empireball lost a war against Franceball which in turn gave DRball to Franceball, then after Spanish Empireball regained DRball from Franceball (and that's when Haitiball was born beacuse Spanish Empireball had one half of DRball and Franceball had another half). In 1822 Haitiball annexed DRball. Then in 1838 DRball founded "La Trinitaria", A political party to gain independece, finally in 1844 he gained indeppendency from Haitiball, then in 1861 Spainball annexed which started the Restauration War. Once again in 1865 he got his independenice back. In 1916 USAball occupied him and Haitiball until 1924 due to WW1. After that he turned his government into a dictatorship, in WW2 he allowed over 10,000 Jews into his clay. In 1963 he once again became a democracy and he got occupied by USAball again in 1965 until 1966. Today he and USAball fight drug lords together. 


  • Taiwan-icon Chinaball - FORGET THE ONE CHINA POLICY
  • PuertoRico-icon Puerto Ricoball - Best friend/frienemy
  • Spain-icon Spainball - Madre. We both has long history together.
  • Haitiball - Stop exporting malaria. Also your deforestation is getting crazy.



  • His neighbors confuse it with Venezuelaball by their speech.
  • Although believed to have rivalry with Puerto Ricoball are very good friends.
  • Loves reggaeton dembow. Dembow is native from Dominican Republic.
  • Believes that everything bad is the work of the devil.
  • Raphael Trujillo, the former dictator of the Dominican Republic, is considered the best dictator of all time




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