Dai Vietball was a ancient countryball in Southeast Asia and also the ancestor of Vietnamball.


Dai Vietball born as an 1ball. He passed in the hands of Xích Quỷball, Văn Langball, Âu Lạcball, Nam Việtball, Giao Chỉball, Lĩnh Namball, Giao Chỉball, Giao Châuball, Vạn Xuânball, Giao Châuball, An Namball, Trấn Namball, An Namball, Tĩnh Hải quânball and Đại Cồ Việtball. He becomed independent and, after being in the hands of Đại Nguball and Giao Chỉball, fully independent. He died in the 1804.

How to draw

  1. Color the basic circle shape of yellow
  2. Draw a littler white circle
  3. Draw inside it a black 大越
  4. Draw slant-eyes and you've finished.

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