Confucianismball is a philosophical religionball of Chinaball founded by Confucius.

Is known by the Chinaballs as "teachings of the wise".  Confucianismball is considered a philosophy, social ethics, political ideology, literary tradition and a way of life. Confucius, the Latin form of the name of Kung-Fu-Tzu, a Chinese philosopher of the sixth century BCE, compiled and organized ancient traditions of Chinese wisdom and elaborated a doctrine assumed as official in Chinaball for more than 25 centuries.


Actually, Confucianismball born in Zhouball from the ancient virtues.

Unlike other religions founders, Confucius did not preach a theology that would lead people to personal redemption. He preached a philosophy that sought the redemption of the State through the correctness of individual behavior. It was a doctrine oriented to this world, he preached a code of social conduct and not a way to life after death.

Confucianismball disn't consider himself a religion, but a doctrine based on the philosophical views of  Confucius (Kung-Fu-Tzu), during century VI a.C.

Confucianism understands that man has all the tools to improve his life, through his virtues, and does not point out the need for a God or higher being to achieve inner peace.

How to draw Draw Confucianismball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a black inside it
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

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