Liberty for the proletariat!

Communismball is the embodiment of communism conceptualized by the German social scientist, Karl Marx.


Communismball was born in Europe when Karl Marx condemned capitalism for the widespread poverty around the continent and proposed communism in his Communist Manifesto.

The genius Karl Marx expected proletariat revolutions to happen in industrial countries like in Germanyball and UKball, but Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) became op supper gud communist and brought communism in his agricultural country, the Russian Empireball.

Communism almost took half of the world during the height of the Cold War until 1989 or "Fall of Communism" when Poland-icon PR Polandball became the first to break free from the Eastern Block. (1989, WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!!)


Serious and always into analyzing the world to prove that Communism is of best. Communismball is theoretically sympathetic towards the abused workers. Many dumpass fucktard countryballs and organizationballs like USAball and NATOball always act to prevent the spread of communism and criticize his ideology as against "order and peace" in humanity because freedom.


Allies (Comrades)

  • Soviet-icon USSRball (CCCPball) - Foundation of communism in Europe. He is my best son and storngest son. Could've been a Marxist state if Stalin didn't genocide nearly 1/4 of the people! NOT COOL.
  • Yugoslavia-icon Yugoslaviaball - A shining model of communism in Europe (because USSRball oppressed almost all of his neighbors and to some extent people). May have been the closest thing to a Marxist state if his workers self management counts as socialism and not revisionism.
  • China-icon Chinaball, Vietnam-icon Vietnamball - though capitalist now, they are still governed by the Communist Parties


  • Social Justice Warriors-I love tolerance and I hate freedom of Speech but you guys make me look bad. Cut out the protests plox.

Enemies (Adversaries)


Not again, (Communist) Bolivia

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