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Christmas Islandball is an Australian island territory located in South East Asia near the coast of Indonesiaball. She is called Christmas Island because she was first discovered on the Christmas Day of 1643. Colonisation started in the 19th Century. Western Australiaball takes care of him for Australiaball, and WA laws apply as much as possible to him.

History Edit

The island was discovered and named in 1643 by an East India Company vessel. The first attempt of exploring the island was in 1857. Soon after this a settlement was started and Flying Fish Coveball was born. During WW2 it was regularly attacked by Japanball, who was wanting the island for its phosphate deposits. After the war, in the year of 1958, UKball transferred ownership of the island from Tringapore to Australiaball, after a large payment from him. In 2007 the island begun to used by Australiaball for immigration detention centres.

Issues with the Territory Edit

  • Many Concerntration refugee camps are on his clay, and Australiaball's refugee policies have been criticised around the world.
  • The island has also been a hotspot for shipwrecks.
  • To some degree, Christmas Islandball is rejected by the mainland due to it being the main part of its immigration policies.
  • Once again, the immigration policies have effected the local tourism industry, and the island is not as well known for its natural beauty anymore.

Family and FriendsEdit

(Expansion is needed to this section, renaming of the heading to "Relationships" along with expanded relationship information- This will be fixed soon).


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