Christianityball is the largest major religionball and one of the three Abrahamic religionballs, alongside Islamball and Jewcube. A Christian is someone who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God-icon God, God in Flesh and Blood, born without sin, Messiah, etc. and died on the cross for everyone's sins until 3 days later rose from the dead and rejoined God in Heaven. To sum up, Christianityball beliefs are collected within the Council of Nicaea.

Christianityball was formed to follow Jesus Christ's doings and spread the Messiah's message. He has three major branches (or sons) who are Catholicismball, Orthodoxyball, and Protestantismball.

It's important to note that Christians, Jews, and Muslims don't believe in magic but rather, more appropriately, 'miracles'. There is indeed a large difference between the two.



  • Israel-icon Judaismcube - Abrahamic Father. Same God who is Jesus Christ's father! You weren't behind our Savior's death... right? Preists were of disappointing.
  • Islam-icon Islamball - Rivalry Abrahamic brother. Us both had the biggest fight over who can keep the Holy Land during the crusades and many of our followers lost their lives. After the war, we're rivals but we still love each other! And he recognizes Jesus. (Isa is what they call him).

Religions Family:

Catholic-icon Catholicball - His Latin son. Twin brother of Orthodoxyball. Stop fighting with your younger brother and get along! Why yuo lie of monies gettings yuo to heaven?
  • Monophysitism-icon Monophysitismball (aka Oriental Orthodoxy Ball) - Another son (now how do I distinguish him from Orthodoxyball without looking at them? They act so similar).
  • Nestorianism-icon Nestorianismball - Another son. Likes to do things on his own.
  • Mormon-icon Mormonball - Adopted grandson. Not sure if he is a Christian...
  • Jehovah-icon Jehovah's Witnessesball - Another adopted grandson. stay away from doorbell!
  • Spiritism-icon Spiritismball - Another interesting adopted grandson.
  • Rastafari-icon Rastafariball - The most interesting adopted grandson out of the others. He smokes way too much weed.



  • SPQR-icon SPQRball - They tried to stop Christianity from spreading, but it backfired.
  • Armenia-icon Armeniaball - The first country to adopt one type of Christianity as a state religion



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