Cherokeeball is a native tribe in Southeast North America. His clay is in Georgiaball, Tennesseeball, North Carolinaball, South Carolinaball, and Oklahomaball (trail of tears). He has a twin brother also called Cherokeeball who has clay in Missouriball, Arkansasball, Kansasball, Oklahomaball, and Texasball.


Cherokeeball evolved from 3ball. The British Empireball started colonization on some of his clay creating the southern most part of American Colonialball's clay. Cherokeeball had more clay bought or stolen by Colonialballs, later USAball. over time he became a recognized tribe of USAball and at one time was a recognized nationball. After some horrific things done by USAball, he was returned some clay as reservations on Oklahomaball's clay, ironically taken from other 3ball decedents.

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