A cueball story-Reddit style

2ball as a cueball "Qball" (Reddit style)

A cueball story

A comic with them all.

Caveballs, also called billiard balls, poolballs or cueballs, are countryball entities that represent ancient civilizations, or sometimes just different races, without actual flags representing them. 


  • The 1-icon 1ball, depicting Far Eastern Asians and similar peoples like Buryatians, Kamchadals, Turkmens and Uzbeks. It often has a rice hat and slanty or squinty eyes.
  • The 2-icon 2ball, depicting historical Indo-Europeans (including from Iran and Northern India) as well as Uralics and Turks
    • A totally white Template caveball can be alternatively be used using the skin logic pattern
  • The 3-icon 3ball, depicting Native Americans
  • The 4-icon 4ball, depicting Prehistoric people
  • The 5-icon 5ball, formerly describing natives of Australia before their flag adoption (out of use)
  • The 6-icon 6ball, depicting Aliens
  • The 7-icon 7ball, depicting Native Islanders/Australoids. On /r/polandball it represents also Native Americans, Europeans and even Ancient Egypt-icon Ancient Egyptball
  • The 8-icon 8ball, depicting Sub-Saharan or Native Africans or Africans without flags or African minorities


  • On Reddit, the only allowed caveballs are:
    • 1-icon 1ball, depicting East and South East Asians
    • 6-icon 6ball, depicting aliens
    • 7-icon 7ball, depicting Americans, Europeans and every other ethnicity ever (so it includes 2-icon 2balls, 3-icon 3balls, 4-icon 4balls and Australian Aborigines-icon Aboriginals on reddit)
    • 8-icon 8ball, depicting Africans or just black people in general