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All of these are planetballs

Sun-iconMercury-iconVenus-iconEarth-iconMars-iconPlanetballsJupiter-iconSaturn-iconUranus-iconNeptune-iconPlanet Nine-icon
Earth-icon Solar System Sun-icon SunballMercury-icon MercuryballVenus-icon VenusballEarth-icon Earthball (Moon-icon Moonball) • Mars-icon Marsball (Phobos-icon PhobosballDeimos-icon Deimosball) • Jupiter-icon Jupiterball (Io-icon IoballEuropa-icon EuropaballGanymede-icon GanymedeballCallisto-icon Callistoball) • Saturn-icon Saturnball (Mimas-icon MimasballEnceladus-icon EnceladusballTethys-icon TethysballDione-icon DioneballRhea-icon RheaballTitan-icon TitanballIapetus-icon IapetusballHyperion-icon HyperionballPhoebe-icon Phoebeball) • Uranus-icon Uranusball (Puck-icon PuckballMiranda-icon MirandaballAriel-icon (moon) ArielballUmbriel-icon UmbrielballTitania-icon TitaniaballOberon-icon Oberonball) • Neptune-icon Neptuneball (Larissa-icon LarissaballProteus-icon ProteusballTriton-icon TritonballNereid-icon Nereidball) • Planet Nine-icon Planet Nineball
Pluto-icon Dwarf Planets Ceres-icon CeresballPluto-icon Plutoball (Charon-icon CharonballHydra-icon HydraballNix-icon NixballMoon-icon KerberosballMoon-icon Styxball) • Haumea-icon Haumeaball (Moon-icon Hi'iakaballMoon-icon Namakaball) • Makemake-icon Makemakeball (Moon-icon S/2015 (136472) 1ball) • Eris-icon Erisball (Moon-icon Dysnomiaball) • Sedna-icon SednaballQuaoar-icon Quaoarball (Moon-icon Weywotball) • Orcus-icon Orcusball (Moon-icon Vanthorball) • (225088) 2007 OR10-icon 2007 OR10ball
Sun-icon Stars Sun-icon SunballSun-icon Alpha Centauriballs (Red Dwarf-icon Proxima Centauriball) • Sun-icon ArcturusballRed Giant-icon BetelgeuseballRed Dwarf-icon Gliese 581ballSirius-icon Siriusballs White Dwarf-iconRed Giant-icon VY Canis MajorisballSun-icon Kepler-22ballSun-icon Kepler-452ballRed Dwarf-icon TRAPPIST-1ball
Earth-icon Exoplanets 6-icon Read the rules here before adding them


Universe-icon Other space entities 6-icon 6ballBlack Hole-icon Black HoleballBlack Hole-icon Dark MatterballBlack Hole-icon Eridanus SupervoidballHercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall-icon Hercules–Corona Borealis Great WallballUniverse-icon UniverseballUniverse-icon MultiverseballAsteroid-icon AsteroidballsComet-icon CometballsOort Cloudball

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