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These pages are about places and nations that once existed but in the present don't exist anymore.

4-icon Ancient Countryballs of Polandball Earth-icon
3-icon Americas Eskimos-icon EskimosballIroquois Confederacy-icon Iroquois ConfederacyballCherokee-icon CherokeeballAztec-icon AztecballMaya-icon MayaballArawak-icon ArawakballAymara-icon AymaraballInca-icon IncaballMapuche-icon Mapucheball
2-icon Europe Ancient Greece-icon Ancient Greeceball (Ancient Athens-icon Ancient Athensball, Sparta-icon Spartaball, Macedon-icon Macedonball) • Gaul-icon GaulballGermania-icon GermaniaballDacia-icon DaciaballSlavs-icon SlavsballSPQR-icon Roman Empireball
8-icon Africa Ancient Egypt-icon Ancient EgyptballKingdom of Aksum-icon Kingdom of AksumballBantu-icon BantuballBerbers-icon BerbersballCarthage-icon CarthageballGhana Empire-iconGhana EmpireballKanem-Bornu Empire-icon Kanem-Bornu EmpireballKhoisan-icon KhoisanballMali Empire-icon Mali EmpireballNumidia-icon NumidiaballSonghai Empire-iconSonghai Empireball
1-icon Asia Xia-icon XiaballHun-icon HunballTokugawa-icon TokugawaballMatsudaira-icon MatsudairaballGoguryeo-icon GoguryeoballQin-icon QinballTaebong-icon Taebongball
Middle-east-4ball-icon Middle East Middle-east-4ball-icon SumerballBabylon-icon BabylonballAssyria-icon AssyriaballUrartu-icon UrartuballAncient Armenia-icon Ancient ArmeniaballElam-icon ElamballAchaemenid-icon PersiaballPhoenician-icon PhoenicianballCaucasian Iberia-icon Caucasian Iberiaball
7-icon Oceania Australian Aborigines-icon Australian aboriginalsballMaori-icon Maoriball
Others Atlantis-icon Atlantisball6-icon Ancient Alienball


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