Cascadiaball is a bioregionball wanting independence by pot-smoking tree-hugging hippies to become a countryball. Cascadiaball would consist of USA's stateballs of Washingtonball and Oregonball, and Canadaball's British Columbiaball, while it may be ambitious enough to include all of Alaskaball, Idahoball, Yukonball. He may even take small parts of Montana, Jefferson, Wyoming, Nevada and Utah. And to TAKE OVER THE WORLD unite the Pacific Northwest. IT'S TIME TO GET INDEPENDECE, BECAUSE LOVE TRUMPS (OVER) HATE




  • Donald Trump-iconDonald Trump - He keeps on saying bad things about minorities, and he believes in conspiracy theories that are full of spoot.

How to draw

Draw Cascadiaball is simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three horizontal stripes.
  2. Color them of this blue, white and this green
  3. Draw on all the stripes, a Douglas-fir of this colour
  4. Draw eyes and you've finished.