Carthageball was an ancient countryball that fought SPQRball. He is son of Phoenicianball and the true father of Tunisiaball.

Simple History

Carthageball was once a stronk civilisation in what now called Tunisiaball. Carthageball was of very famous for havings of war elephants and Hannibal who was a stronk general and almost removed Romans (Carthage's biggest enemy). But unfortunately Romans got greedy and removed Carthage forever, anschlussing it's former clay. Now all lies of Carthage is just of ruins.


Carthage is average guy, although he got made fun of SPQRball for being "inferior" and really "retarded for trying to invade my clay". He worshiped cooler gods, unlike the Romans, who copied the Greeks (envy much). He also had a superior navy and made everyone envy him and laughs at them. Also, he got bullied (even by his peers), for being accused of child sacrifice.


While Carthage is of lonely he still has friends he likes and loves

Enemies (to be removed)

  • SPQRball (Hahahahaha shitty italic peoples)
  • Numidiaball (Used to be good friends before they betrayed me for stinky Romanus!)

Another War Elephant User

How to draw

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw the following symbol using red
  1. Draw the eyes (and a shield) and you've finished.


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