Canada-icon Canadaball is a countryball consisting of 10 provinceballs and 3 territoryballs in the northern part of North America. Canada-icon His clay covers 9.98 million square kilometers (3.85 million square miles) in total, and only Russia-icon Russiaball is larger. Canada-icon He has the longest coastline in the world. Canada-icon He speaks English-icon English and French-icon French as his official languages, alongside 9 indigenous recognized languages.

He is a very friendly countryball with everyone. He likes poutine, maple syrup, and moose. Canada-icon He is sometimes seen wearing a hockey helmet, a coonskin cap, or an RCMP hat.

Canada-icon He is a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon EUball.

His birthday (Canada Day) is on the 1st of July. His astrological sign is Cancer.

Canada invented modern hockey and is the best country in the world at it (Even though the Russkies are still bitter over the times we beat them at the Canada Cup, eh?). Famous players like Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, and Jonathan Toews are Canadian.

A Canadian also invented the sport of basketball (you'e welcome, eh!).

Canadaball is also really good at the sport of curling, the majority of the world's best curlers live on his clay. Ever since it returned to the Olympics as a full medal sport in 1998, Canadaball's men's and women's teams have brought home a medal every time including 5 gold (he hopes to keep that streak going at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchangball).

He is currently welcoming refugees from Syria-icon Syriaball, trying to escape from terrorists like ISIS-icon ISISball and refugees, surprisingly, from his brother, USA-icon USAball, trying to escape from the election of Donald Trump-icon Donald Trump, which resulted in his immigration site crashed (it's back up now). "Sorry".


Polandball A Burning Revenge

Polandball A Burning Revenge


A long time before becoming a dominion, Canadaball was also known as Ontario-icon British Canadaball. He was born as a 3-icon 3ball, then in 1608 he was colonized by France-icon Franceball and she became his mother. By 1690, UK-icon UKball had also landed near Canadaball, he landed in present day Virginia-icon Virginiaball and met his present day brother USA-icon USAball who was at the time a 7-icon 7ball. The fought King William's War (1689-1697), Queen Anne's War (1702-1713), and King George's War (1744-1748). Then in 1754, France-icon Franceball and UK-icon UKball fought the Seven Years' War until 1763, when the Treaty of Paris gave UK-icon UKball adoption rights to France-icon Franceball's child New France-icon New Franceball (AKA Canadaball). Soon afterward, UK-icon UKball's other North American son ColAmerica-icon Thirteen Coloniesball rebelled against his father and became independent in 1783.

Canadaball fought with his father UK-icon UKball against his brother USA-icon USAball when he was still only a colony in 1814, but UK-icon UKball burned down the White House in Washington DC, something which USA-icon USAball is still sore about. Political unrest in 1837 led so responsible government and the Durham Report, which united Upper and Lower Canada into Canada-Unis. These movements led to a more progressive political situation.

In 1864, Canadaball's sons met at Charlottetown to discuss confederation, which was accomplished in 1867, resulting in Canadaball becoming a Dominion of the UK-icon British Empire. UK-icon UKball rarely had trouble with him after that point, except in 1885 he had to help crush the North-West Rebellion. In 1914, Canadaball went to Europe to help his parents fight ReichTime Reichtangle (German Empire-icon German Empireball) in the Great War. In 1919, he sat at the Paris Peace Conference as well and received his own seat in the League of Nations.

Canadaball did well in the 1920s, but the Great Depression affected him, and in 1939 he went to Europe again to help fight Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball. His help in liberating Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball won him another friend. In 1949, Netherlands-icon Newfoundlandball agreed to move into Canadaball's home. Canadaball helped fight China-icon Chinaball in the Korean War, and changed his clothes in 1965, to celebrate his centenary of federation. In the 1970s and 1980's, Canadaball became a developed country, gaining more and more autonomy from UK-icon UKball, and eventually creating his own constitution in 1982. (However, Canadaball had been independent before for decades, granted a status of dominion in 1867 and de-facto independence in 1931, where he gained diplomatic and internal autonomy, among others.)

In 1994, a famous singer Justin Bieber was born in Ontarioball, and made a popular music video “Baby” in 2010, then another “Never say Never”, in his popular music video, it got more dislikes than likes on YouTube.

As of 2000, Canadaball is well-known and liked around the world for being the liberal and most friendly figure that he is.

Canada is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world, with the tenth highest nominal per capita income globally, and the ninth highest ranking in the Human Development Index. It ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education.

He is welcoming anybody that wants to escape the horror of his brother USA-icon USAball's 4-year-long insanity, and because Donald Trump-icon Trump won the presidency there, there are so many American refugees coming, that his immigration website crashed. Now Donald Trump-icon Trump is starting a war over spilled milk and softwood.


He has a nice personality, but if you mess with him, he will gut you like a seal. Ironic that he is part French, eh? He knows that one day he will Anschluss Greenland-icon Greenlandball and Alaska-icon Alaskaball, but in a peaceful way. He currently has a major, perhaps blessing issue with a mass number of Chinese-Canadian Ball. He formerly removed Dim Sum through the Chinese Head Tax. Now he feels sorry for that, much like everything else.Not only this , he also made sever apologized to LGBT people,Indigenous-Canadians Ball, Japanese-Canadian Ball and Indian-Canadian Ball.

His polite attitude leads him into a more stable relationship with commies such as Cuba-icon Cubaball; however, Canadaball has historically been (and still is) under UK-icon UKball's influence, this limits Canadaball's independent operations, as he is often teased for being weak and irrelevant, leading for Canadaball to be protected by USA-icon USAball and NATO-icon NATOball.

Canadaball is stereotyped being the straight arrow brother of USAball. Well, everybody loves Canadaball, even the countryballs that hate USAball.



Basically, anyone who is a family member or in the UN-icon UN, EU-icon EU, and NATO-icon NATO:

  • Cuba-icon Cubaball - His friend who Canada visits during vacation. You mad you can't be friends with a socialist state America? Sadly now USA-icon USAball is going to invade it with the McDonalds so Canada is sad.
  • Sweden-icon Swedenball - Free healthcare buds.
  • China-icon Chinaball - Used to kick Chinaball's ass during the Korean War. Now China gibs him pandas and stuff for the museums.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - He's true Best Korea.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - They are best kawaii's forever
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball - Unanschlussed him from Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball gets flowers every year.
  • Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball- I give him flowers to remember victims of Swissair! He gives me swiss cheese and yummy luxury chocolate that USA-icon USAball can not touch. Both hate Denmark-icon Denmarkball.
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - We used to hate each other, but we are friends now. Both love hockey!
  • Cameroon-icon Cameroonball - Same languages, same unions (Commonwealth/La Francophonie), and same problem with separatists.


  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball - GIB GREENLAND!
  • Greenland-icon Greenlandball - Anschluss!! Another perfect vacation spot. One day he will be mine... Make sure USA does not know! (He could kick me out of NATO)
  • Quebec-icon Quebecball - Because that's how complicated this is
  • Soviet-icon USSRball - We were fine until NATO-icon NATO was born. Then he claimed that he was the best in the world at hockey! Well, you're not you commie poser! 1972, best day of my life! Canada is the best at hockey!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - We only hate each other in hockey. Also, the North Pole is mine!


British Canadaball

His former appearances

Polandball Francophones

Provinces and Territories

All my kids and grandkids (and soon to be my step-sons.)


  • Alberta-icon Albertaball - Canadian rednecks. Where we get our oil monies. Also where the Heartland TV show takes place. Currently, in hard times because of pipeline issues and unemployment issues.
    • Calgary-icon Calgaryball - He has an AMAZING Stampede in the summer, and he gets lots of tourists from that! He also gets monies from tourists willing to see the Rockey Mountains and Banffball. Calgary can into tourist monies!
    • Edmonton-icon Edmontonball - What the heck is this? Detroit-icon Detroit?
    • Fort McMurrayball - He is literally on fire! Well, let's hope he is not on fire this year, eh?
  • British Columbia-icon British Columbiaball - Hippie potsmokers. Also a lot of Asians, but if China tries to make them a SAR, my USA-icon bro would protect me with NATO-icon NATO via Article 5.
    • Vancouver Islandball - Green nature fanatic who wants to separate from BC and form its own province.
    • Vancouver-icon Vancouverball - the place that brought you Greenpeace, 3D animation, probably one of your favorite movies, and Deadpool. Probably the most Asian city outside of Asia (also hates Toronto but tries to hide it). Come for the firm tax credits, stay for the weed. And guys in skimpy clothing



  • Alaska-icon Alaskaball - ANSCHLUSS!!! My nephew, who will soon be my western-most province. He'll be my 4th territory, USA-icon Bro. So, you want to keep him? How about I take him and you can have some of the oil, or half of the land, eh?
  • Greenland-icon Greenlandball - Soon to be MY Biggest province! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Just Arctic neighbors...
  • New England-icon New Englandball - He will probably become the 11th province when I anschluss save him.


  • "Poutine"
  • "Maple syrup?"
  • "I'm sorry"
  • "Je suis désolé"
  • "Je regret(te)"
  • "Pardonnez-moi"
  • "Oot"
  • "Aboot"
  • "Timber timber"
  • "Bois bois"
  • "O Canada!"
  • "You will not get independence, Quebec!"
  • "Hockey"
  • "Free healthcare"
  • "Eh?"
  • "Fur"

How to Draw

Drawing Canadaball is fun!

  1. Divide the circle by red, white, then back to the red.
  2. Draw the glorious red maple leaf in the middle.
  3. Draw two eyes to finish him off. Eh?