Central African Republicball or CARball is a countryball from Central Africa. Currently, he's suffering from a conflict involving a bunch of Sélékaball. Apart from Niger-icon Nigerball, Central African Republicball is also the poorest, and least happiest country in the world and in Africa. Its HDI is 0.352 as of 2016. Central African Republicball can into being a car, because of his abbreviation, CAR.


CAR is descendant of the Bantu-icon Bantuball. He gained freedom from his mother and colonist, France-icon Franceball, back in 1960 when all other African countries were doing it. Sadly, Central African Republicball cannot into lasting a day or two without a coup or a war. He lives in extreme poverty and half of this population is dependent on foreign aid. He currently has a civil war.

How to draw

Draw CARball is as follows:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into four horizontal stripes
  2. Color them of this blue, white, this green and this yellow
  3. Draw a thick vertical red stripe on all the stripes.
  4. Draw a yellow star in the left blue part
  5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.