Byzantineball, also known as the Byzantiumball or Byzantine Empire, continues to refer to itself as the Roman Empire, is a Medieval countryball from south-east Europe.


Byzantineball was the son of SPQR-icon SPQRball, the grandson of Ancient Greeceball and the father of Greece-icon Greeceball. He was the true successor of SPQR-icon SPQRball (unlike that imposter!).

The coronation of HREball as "Roman" emperor by Papal Statesball in the year 800 was a deprived act of ilegitimate juridical profile: only the Roman emperor of the East (the emperor of Byzantineball) would be crowned a peer of him in the western part, which is why Constantinople was always suspicious of that act.

The emperors of the HREball sought in many ways to make themselves accepted by the Byzantines as their peers: with diplomatic relations, political marriages or threats. Sometimes, however, they did not obtain the expected results, because from Constantinople they were always called "King of the Germans", never "Emperor."

He was stronk empire until he got overrun by kebab. For many years he was the strongest nation in the world.

Before he died, his last emperor sold the birthright as the Roman Emperor to the Kings of Spain-icon Spainball (his niece). Spainball created her own empire and own these rights until today.





  • Ottoman-icon Kebab - BLOOD-THIRSTY SHAME OF EARTH HERETIC! Arch-enemy! He stole Constantinople!
  • Sassanid-icon Sassanidball- This fucker ruined the 7th century. And he was my main enemy in middle east. At the start of the war, i lost heavy to him, even Jerussalem almost fell to him. But luckily, Islam-icon Islamball's Holy Quran predicted that someday, he will defeated by me. And it was true.
  • Hun-icon Hunball - He came here and took clay from Germaniaball and me. This forced Germaniaball to take clay from SPQRball.
  • Germania-icon Germaniaball - He killed my father and my brother then he became an imposter of SPQRball.
  • Venice-icon Veniceball - Ruined me for good! He also raped my peoples!
  • Latin Empire-icon Latin Empireball - Evil Catholics that stole my glorious city of Constantinople.
  • HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball - IMPOSTER! He is son of Germaniaball and to me he is just another version of Germaniaball!!!!! You will be never the true Roman Empire, IMPOSTER!!!
  • Kievan Rus-icon Kievan Rusball - I won't forgive you for raiding and laying a siege on Constantinople! You're just like those vikings! Speaking of which, didn't you had your first king as a Viking prince? I guess that runs through the bloodline, huh.
  • Second Bulgarian Empire-icon Second Bulgarian Empireball - Stop revolting and stealing my clay! You are of Byzantineball! Why can't you be nice like Serbiaball?
  • Wallachia-icon Vlachballs - Stop supporting Bulgariaball!!! You used to be of Roman citizens! We are of family!
  • Bagratid Armenia-icon Bagratid Armeniaball - Stole all his clay and didn't leave enough soldiers to defend it afterwards, leaving it open for kebab invasion. Oops!
  • Rashidunball- Pls of stop taking muh clay! And i hate kebabs! This fu**er also ruined muh 7th century!




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