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Bulgariaball is a ayran country in Southern Europe. Appears in some Polandball comics (usually the main character in those comics). He is North Koreaball's arch enemy. The capital is Sofia-icon Sofiaball and he is in (and is good friends with) NATO-icon NATOball and the EU-icon EUball. He also makes a mean salad, but no one acknowledges it (If they do, it makes his day).

Bulgaria WAS of kebab slave (until the late 1870's when he had them removed) but NOT gypsy! Bulgaria is of Slavic and former Odrysianball but he wants to remove kebab, too (and gypsy).


Medieval EraEdit

Bulgaria is a descended from Slavs and Bulgars.Sometime during the Early Medieval Ages Bulgar tribes settled in Ukraine and Mixed in with the Slavs and then he was born as Old Great Bulgariaball.

In 632 A.D. Bulgaria was created as Old Great Bulgaria renaming themselves as the First Bulgarian Empire-icon First Bulgarian Empire and moving from present-day Ukraine down into the Balkans. In 864 A.D. they converted to Christianity.

Byzantine-icon Byzantineball invaded Bulgaria in 1080 A.D and made them an autonomous region. Finally in 1185 A.D. Bulgaria declared independence and renamed themselves as the Second Bulgarian Empire-icon Second Bulgarian Empire.

Then in 1274 A.D. Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball invade Bulgaria, resulting in becoming a vassal for 26 years. In 1300 A.D. when Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empireball collapsed, Bulgaria had a time of recovery and large expansion. Including using Greek technology.

Then in 1371 A.D. Bulgaria and the Ottoman-icon Ottomanball faced a war that would last from 1371 A.D. to 1396 A.D. This would be called the Bulgarian-Ottoman Wars. Eventually it resulted in Bulgaria becoming a region of Ottoman-icon Ottomanball.

Colonial EraEdit

From 1396 A.D. to 1878 A.D. Bulgaria ceased to exist. Then Bulgaria gained sort of an independence in 1878 A.D. after a war a year ago in 1877 A.D. in the Liberation war, or more commonly known as the Russo-Turkish War. Bulgaria declared themselves as the Bulgaria-icon Principality of Bulgariaball.

Modern EraEdit

In 1912 A.D. Bulgaria, along with SerbiaballGreeceball, and Montenegroball declared war on Ottomanball to ensure their independence, which led to the First Balkan War (this also led to Albaniaball to gain independence.).

However, Bulgaria didn't get as much land as they thought they would get. Also, Bulgariaball understood that Serbia-icon Serbiaball and Greece-icon Greeceball made a secret anti-Bulgarian coalition.

This caused Bulgaria to attack Serbia-icon Serbiaball, Greece-icon Greeceball, Ottoman-icon Ottomanball, Montenegro-icon Montenegroball, and Romania-icon Romaniaball in the Second Balkan War. This didn't benefit Bulgaria at all, and they lost pre-war land in the First Balkan War.

Finally, in 1915 A.D. Bulgaria joined the Central Powers to fight the Triple Etente in World War I. However, they lost and Bulgaria lost about 25% of their land to neighboring countries. Ottoman-icon Ottomanball however donated a little bit of land to them.

Then in 1941 A.D. Nazi-icon Naziball (A.K.A. Nazi Germanyball) betrayed Soviet-icon Sovietball (A.K.A. Soviet Unionball). Bulgaria then joined in and gained a lot of land in World War II. However, Soviet-icon Sovietball occupied Bulgaria, and eventually Nazi-icon Naziball, ending World War II.

Finally in May 1945 A.D. Bulgaria declared themselves as the People's Republic of Bulgaria. They then joined the Warsaw Pact. On April 10th, 1979, Georgi Ivanov became the first Bulgarian in space. Because of Burger, Bulgariaball has gone through floods because of global warming, however, many countryballs, even Burger, gave him monies in support of the floods.

Bulgaria ends communism rule in 1991 (officaly 1990) as same day, as USSR breakup, but Bulgaria still likes communism often (both love and hate).Bulgaria gets along with his neighbors except for Turkey but still relations with Bulgaria and Turkey are improving.He is also good friend with Russia but they both claim that they invented the cyrillic alphbet so Bulgaria also has a rivalry with Russia.Also Bulgaria is in NATO and EU.

Personality Edit

Bulgaria is a mellow countryball who kinda goes with whatever other countryballs say, usually Germany-icon Germanyball or EU-icon EUball.

However, he wishes to regain the glory and clay they once had. Every once in a while Bulgariaball will spaz out and go crazy, even almost eating turkey for Thanksgiving. He is known as the birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet, unlike Russia-icon Russiaball.

Family Edit

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Romania-icon Romaniaball - Best Friend. Both Orthodox Christian and hate Turkey.
  • Greece-icon Greeceball - Good friends. Both are Orthodox Christian and both hate Turkey. But My Yogurt is better.
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - Good friends because bulgaria recognises him. Bulgariaball, Secertly wants ALL of Kosovoball's clay.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - I like his stuff and he likes mine. And hate evil North Korea of doom...and he used our Landscapes for a famous Anime (SAO!!) KIRITO IS BULGARIAN!. Thats why we love to watch Anime (mostly сворд арт онлайн). We are also related.
  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball(Mostly) - He was my enemy during the Serbo-Bulgarian War, 2nd Balkan War and World War 1.But however we are both Slavic and Orthodox and we both remove kebab so he is good. But stop rabbling about it. AND FREE KOSOVO!!! AND HOW DARE YOU ATTACK ME AFTER I AND EASTERN RUMELIA UNITED INTO ONE NATION! 1886 BEST YEAR MY LIFE!!!  
  • USA-icon USAball - I am in his NATO-icon NATOball alliance. 
  • Bosnia-icon Bosnia and Herzegovinaball - He may be a Kebab but he is of slavic and cool and also is nice and never had problems with him nor had any War. I am the first country to recognise him. 
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - Former World War I ally. 
  •  Albania-icon Albaniaball - We are friends because we both hate Serbiaball but we fight over Macedonia on who Macedonia belongs to.
  •  Kurdistan-icon Kurdistanball - Of very good Friend and Turk Remover too. We share many things together even in Languages and i hope he can get Independence from Turk. Since i also believe that i am partly Iranian, we are even related probably.
  • Brazil-icon Brazilball - Um, I think he is okay, his former president is of my ancestry

Neutral (Frenemies) Edit

  • Russia-icon Russiaball - I am angry at him for making me communist in 1946 but I can forgive him because at least he is not a parnoid commie anymore. He does help me as we are both Orthodox Christian, Slavic and hate Turkey. Thank you for helping me. But Unfortunatly when he was a paranoid commie he created North Korea, THE COUNTRY WHO WANTS TO KILL ME!Also I created cyrillic alphebet.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Is of enemy of Japan. But He hates North Korea even more so I guess I like him.

Enemies Edit

  • Turkey-icon Kebab - Archenemies . Remove Kebab! Constantinople is Greek! Adrianople is mine! 1396 worst year of my life! 1878 and 1908 best year my life! Go back to Mongolia! We are not related.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball (A.K.A Hell) - Worst arch-nemesis. IF YOU INVADE ME, I WILL BOMB YOU! I HOPE SOUTH KOREA INVADE YOU AFTER 20 YEARS!!! REMOVE KIM-JONG-UN!!!
  • Macedonia-icon Macedoniaball - You belong to me and we share the same background, language, and root. Just stop claiming to be a Hellenic as you are all brainwashed by Georgi Pulevski. Just accept that you are part of Bulgaria and also slavic, not greek. Alexander the Great is Greek,Tsar Samuil is Bulgarian and Ohrid IS BULGARIAN CITY!!!!!!!!! SKPOJE WAS BULGARIAN CAPITAL ONCE!!!! AND HOW DARE YOU STOLE JAPANESE FLAG, YOU ASIAN FLAG STEALER!!!
  • Tatarstan-icon Tatarstanball - I did not steal your name. No I am not a Turkic Council-icon Turanist and I have nothing to do with it.
  • Gypsy-icon Цигани - Tsigani Mrusni STOP INFECTING MY COUNTRY!!!


  • Embrace Yoghurt!
  • Yoghurt not Turkish!
  • There was no People's republic... Only Bulgarian SSR.
  • Remove gypsy!
  • First world war? You mean 3rd balkan war, yes?
  • Xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
  • Майната ти (F***k you)
  • Yoghurt yoghurt




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