Buddhismball is an Asian religionball founded by Siddhart Gautam. He was born in Nepal-icon NepalRawr and he became the main religion of India-icon Indiaball for some time. His beliefs spread to East Asia (China-icon Chinaball, Japan-icon Japanball, and Unified Korea-icon Koreaball). Buddhism believes in no God, but does believe in afterlives, and that desire is bad.

Buddhism flourished during the Rule of Ashok but was later remobed when Hinduism-icon Hinduism took back his clay. He moved to Sri Lanka-icon Sri Lankaball. To prevent removals, he spread his believes to Southeast Asia. He even spread to Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball but as time pass he was removed from many countries. In North Korea-icon North Koreaball he was removed by Commies, in Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball he was removed by Kebabs and became a minority.

Countryballs with Buddhist majority

Countryballs with Buddhist Minority

Former Buddhist countryballs

How to draw

  • Draw a blue stripe in the left first.
  • Put a yellow stripe in the side of the 1st drawn stripe
  • Put a red stripe in the right side of the yellow stripe
  • Put a white stripe in the right of the red stripe
  • Put an orange stripe on the side of the white side, then leave a small space
  • Put the same stripe pattern on the space but rotated right 90 degrees
  • Put eyes then done! ^^


  • Draw orange circle
  • Draw yellow eight-pronged wheel in the center
  • Draw shawl (optional)
  • Draw eyes then done! ^^


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