Buddhismball is an Asian religionball founded by Siddhart Gautam. He was born in Nepal-icon NepalRawr and he became the main religion of India-icon Indiaball for some time. His beliefs spread to East Asia (China-icon Chinaball, Japan-icon Japanball, and South Korea-icon South Koreaball - North Korea-icon North Koreaball when they were still one country). Buddhism believes in no God, but does believe in afterlives, and that desire is bad.

Buddhism flourished during the Rule of Ashok but was later remobed when Hinduism-icon Hinduism took back his clay. He moved to Sri Lanka-icon Sri Lankaball. To prevent removals, he spread his believes to Southeast Asia. He even spread to Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball but as time pass he was removed from many countries. In North Korea-icon North Koreaball he was removed by Commies, in Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball he was removed by Kebabs.

Countryballs with Buddhist majority

Countryballs with Buddhist Minority

Former Buddhist countryballs

How to draw

  • Draw a blue stripe in the left first.
  • Put a yellow stripe in the side of the 1st drawn stripe
  • Put a red stripe in the right side of the yellow stripe
  • Put a white stripe in the right of the red stripe
  • Put an orange stripe on the side of the white side, then leave a small space
  • Put the same stripe pattern on the space but rotated right 90 degrees
  • Put eyes then done! ^^


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