Brittannyball also known as Bretagneball or Breizhball, refers to itself as Breizh (Bretagne in Breton language), is a Celtic countryball attached to France-icon Franceball as one of its provinces. Brittannyball is also the brother of its evil twin, Cornwallball, Walesball, Scotlandball, and Irelandball


SPQRball called Brittanyball Armoricaball.

After SPQRball fell, many Britonballs settled Brittanyball in the 5th century. Brittanyball was finally consolidated in the 840s under Nominal in resistance to Franks

Brittanyball was heavily attacked by the Vikingball at the beginning of the 10th century. The kingdom lost its eastern territories.

Brittanyball helped Normandyball invade Englandball and received large estates there. Brittanyball was usually independent, often playing Englandball off Franceball.

The Bretonball War of Succession, resulted in a short period of total independence. However, Brittanyball lost the Mad War against Franceball in 1488, mostly because of its internal divisions.

After the Mad War, Brittanyball married Franceball in 1532.

In 1956, Brittany was legally reconstituted, however losting the territorie of Nantesball, its more Latin province. Today, Brittanyball retains its cultural singularities. 


  • Brittanyball has a short temper.
  • Brittanyball also has bagpipes!
  • Brittanyball loves mining salt.
  • Brittanyball used to enjoy switching off light houses likes its evil twin Cornwallball, heh heh, easy pickings!
  • Brittanyball loves insulting Englishball tourists, heh heh!
  • Brittanyball used to enjoy sniffing mushrooms and building menhirs.
  • Brittanyball loves to take his flag everywhere.


  • Cornwallball- Evil Twin brother. We switch off lighthouses.
  • Walesball - Best brother! We speak similar languages and we have the same national anthem!
  • Scotlandball- Uncultured cousin who loves Whisky and bagpipes.
  • Irelandball- Cousin. Je love him because he produce the best music and the best beer in the world!
  • Gaulball - Common ancestor.
  • Basqueball - Atlantic friend.
  • Galiciaball - Spanish version of me who tries hard to be a Celt.
  • UKball - Your tourists are ugly and annoying but they gib me monies! FUCK LE BREXIT! I might some day want you to adopt me but your hideous tourists must still pay to to show their ugliness here (I don't really think there ugly, I just like mocking them).
  • Germanyball - TOURISTMONI! He visits my clay all the time.
  • Asturiasball - Oh! That weird fan of me who lives in...Spainball I think? His cider sucks tho. IRRELEVANT AS HELL, HONHONHON !
  • Normandyball - Smelly and backward neighbour who stole Mont Saint Michel. GIB MONT SAINT MICHEL!!!!! NORMANDIE WORST REGION OF FRANCE!!! But U also rebellious to France so I kind of like you. Only a little though.