Botswanaball is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. Formerly the British Protectorate of Bechuanalandball.

Botswanaball is flat, with up to 70 percent of its territory being the Kalahari Desert.

Botswanaball is a member of African Union-icon African Unionball, SADCball, Commonwealthball and UN-icon UNball and is one of the least corrupt countries in Africa.


In the 19th century, hostilities broke out between  Tswanaballs and Ndebeleballs who were making incursions into the territory from the north-east. Tensions also escalated with the  Boerballss from the Transvaal to the east. UK-icon UKball put Bechuanaland-icon Bechuanalandball under its protection on 31 March 1885.

An expansion of UKball central authority and the evolution of tribal government resulted in the 1920 establishment of two advisory councils to represent both 8balls and Europeans.

In June 1964, UKball accepted proposals for a democratic self-government in Botswanaball.

The 1965 constitution led to the first general elections and to independence on 30 September 1966. 

Botsawanaball formed a military to stop South Africa-icon South Africaball and Zimbabwe-icon Zimbabweball using its territory to sort their differences out.

Botswanaball has a agreement with USA-icon USAball to set up a Africom base on its clay.

A long-running dispute over the northern border with Namibia-icon Namibia's Caprivi Strip was the subject of a ruling by the International Court of Justice in December 1999, which ruled that Botswana-icon (division) Kasikili Islandball belongs to Botswanaball.

Botswanaball is the freest and least corrupt countryball on continental Africaball.


Botswanaball likes munching on pap, boerewors, samp, vetkoek and mopani worms. A food unique to Botswana includes seswaa, heavily salted mashed-up meat.





  • Botswanaball is always very polite and speaks excellent English
  • Botswanaball likes to play peacemaker with it neighbors.
  • Botswanaball thinks South Africaball comes across as arrogant and tries to help it with manners.
  • Botswanaball does not tolerate anyone stealing or poaching its wildlife.

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