• KurwaAntics

    These will happen:

    1. The end of the Russia collusion investigation

    2. Obama and Hillary is in huge trouble

    3. Many people will go to jail, or lose their jobs

    4. Liberal media's credibility is greatly challenged

    5. The Left is further demoralized

    6. Dems will suffer in the midterm elections

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  • TheCynicalTurk
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  • Keadu

    what do i do

    January 22, 2018 by Keadu

    can someone post discord server link

    also wat do i do here and where do i go.

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  • TheCynicalTurk

    For some reason, there in Turkey, they are some myths that just don't make any sense but everyone knows about them and some even believe in them.

    One of the myths is "Australia will be completely underwater in 10/20/30 years"

    it has been around since the 1970's as far as my sources go but still, Australia is still intact. In fact, even if sea levels rose up 60 meters, Australia would still have a lot of land area.

    another stupider myth is,

    Nasa apparently blew up Pluto for some reason. Many people actually believe in it, I don't know why.

    It took us 10 years to take a clear picture of the damn planet so why would we waste our money destroying a massive ball of rock and ice that is literally 4.5 billion kilometres at it's closest? Do we even hav…

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  • Mr. Bozita

    Aq Šikaš

    Aq šikaš, pšti

    Dah sevdaĥ valati melk,

    Dah porĥatifi qalb,

    Dah lerzeši pričinu,

    Dah ĥarši šeref…


    Araman bi maistrao

    D tingovi nah vamosu p firzu

    Aq šikaš več gelji,

    Gelji i ostni tuj…

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  • KurwaAntics

    Release The Memo

    January 21, 2018 by KurwaAntics
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  • Nothing to watch


    January 21, 2018 by Nothing to watch

    Is comic of the day same every year?

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  • NinjaMapping



    Also: Bain posted this on his server, the server is no longer inviting peope, just so you know

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  • Stronk Indonesiaball

    Sorry Roundeyes

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  • Tazeino

    USA 1 (Killa)

    USA 2 (Vic)


    USA 4 (Finns)

    USA 6 (KittyGirl888)

    USA 7 (floofy le rp xd)

    USA 8 (Devon)

    USA 9 (FCO)

    USA 10 (Noshin)

    USA 11 (Batran)

    USA 12 (TBSOM)

    USA 13 (bribidude)

    USA 14 (Samos)

    USA 15 (NJBall)

    USA 16 (Superpea)

    USA 17 (Paladin)

    USA 18 (Dynaball)

    KOR 1 (Phapha332)

    KOR 2 (Pisces)

    KSA 1 (Saudiball1)

    YUA 1 (Crazy)

    YUA 2 (South)

    YUA 3 (Meeerko)

    YUA 4 (Alakyll)

    YUA 5 (KingBojan)

    YUA 6 (Bozita)

    YUA 7 (Deshmore)

    PHI 1 (Mosh)

    PHI 2 (Inten)

    PHI 3 (Philamerica)

    PHI 4 (Revinchristian.hatol)

    PHI 5 (CanadianUSACool)

    PHI 6 (Creeper304)

    PHI 7 (Gitu)

    ITA 1 (IMC)

    ITA 2 (ShiningOrange)

    ITA 3 (Antonio)

    ITA 4 (Elleball)

    ITA 5 (Genny)

    EUN 1 (Alexander)

    EUN 2 (Skot)

    EUN 3 (Terrr)

    EUN 4 (Ethanball 2002)

    USA 5 (Jacoub The Person)

    EUN 5 (VladNyuktukakkkakatk)

    EUN 6 (Masked Bard) …

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  • Kosovoisnotreal

    Flame wars are just stupid, why do people do it in the first place? this is a wiki, not a battlefield. I mostly see these stupid flame wars in Israelcube's page, for example:

    Person 1: Long live Israel!

    Person 2: NO, YOU SUCK.

    Person 1: What did I do?


    Person 3: Guys, can't we all just shut it?


    Aaaaaaaand so on.

    People just randomly express their opinions then  BOOM, the flame wars start. can't we all just live in peace and not judge people by their opinion? It's just sooooo stupid that people do these kind of things. I mean, come on guys! it's 2018! We've been doing this since the beginning of this wiki! Can we all just calm down?

    Oh, and for you guys that argue about …

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  • Stronk Indonesiaball

    Hello ladies and gentlemen

    I'm SIB

    and i'm starting a new series called...

    "Fixing Your Arts (Well technically ruining it)"

    here's are the results

    Hope you enjoyed it

    (sorry Kanton,Inten and Pomik)

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  • KurwaAntics

    Make Turkey Good Again

    January 20, 2018 by KurwaAntics

    Introducing... the Good Party!

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  • MayoMan132

    "We should of head back"

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  • MayoMan132

    Reunited Yugoslavia?

    January 19, 2018 by MayoMan132

    Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the NATO bombings of Yugoslavia but that reminds me who would like a reunited Yugoslavia,a Yugoslavia that has a dictator who could break nationalism if it starts to rise.We cant make this new Yugoslavia a Tito style communist country since it does not work anymore but we can make it a capitalist country to get rich.We can also have the same states and add new ones like Bulgaria or Greece.So whos up for it? 

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  • Jorgealonsocarrilloc

    O Canada.

    January 19, 2018 by Jorgealonsocarrilloc
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  • Nothing to watch


    January 19, 2018 by Nothing to watch

    Trump has been a president for a full year now. Luckily I haven't died because of a nuclear war(yet). I actually did not expect that

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  • TheCynicalTurk

    why i eat babies

    January 19, 2018 by TheCynicalTurk

    because they taste good

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  • Stronk Indonesiaball

    CynicalTurk is starving

    so give him babies

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  • TheCynicalTurk

    Hrant Dink was an Armenian journalist who was killed after he was shot by a 17-year-old Turkish chauvinist just outside of his office in Istanbul. Tommorrow marks the 11th anniversary of his assassination. Throughout his lifetime, he touched the lives of many people. His father's gambling debts led to the family's move to Istanbul in 1960, where they sought a new beginning. Unfortunately, That did not quite work out and his parents had a divorce when he was only 7 years old. After their parents' divorce, his grandparents enrolled him and his two brothers at the Gedikpaşa Armenian Orphanage. Dink often noted his grandfather, who spoke many languages and read constantly, as the role model and father figure who inspired his love of letters. H…

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  • KR1504

    (Real) New Year!

    January 18, 2018 by KR1504

    Sorry i forgot to write Happy New Year etc. \

    So. YASSS 2018 Finnaly started on 14th January! I hope it will bring you many luck and hapiness

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  • Antonio12ITA

    Mini Announcement

    January 18, 2018 by Antonio12ITA

    The "person above you" Forum games are now banned due to spamming and they're pointless, Sorry.

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  • Iminlovewithpolandball

    New wiki

    January 18, 2018 by Iminlovewithpolandball

    Hey so I’ve made a wiki called Islandball, it is still being developed though right now the articles are short and crapy. But if you want please contribute!

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  • KurwaAntics

    New California

    January 17, 2018 by KurwaAntics

    You know there are 40 million people in California, and has 55 electoral votes (53 from HoR and 2 from Senate)

    New California has a population of 15 million, therefore 20 electoral votes will be chopped off from "old" California.

    Then Hillary will only have 212 votes and Trump will have 328 votes.

    Sucka Democrats!

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  • UrguBogus

    This article says that Discord will go down. Are we going to switch to Skype, or something...?

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  • KurwaAntics


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  • Stronk Indonesiaball

    chapter 1: eveno di piosco

    a cardinal, trsm died at karlshtejn castle...

    Bain, the king of memes. Elected Bitter to be Saint of baintopia after 6 years

    Kitty died at furrytown

    bain kills kitty due to being sarcastic

    enzo, kitty's boyfriend was sent to find kitty

    but he died because his helicopter got shot down by Jason Erik

    SIB aka ThatBitterGuy captured Furry Town (Kitty Fascist Republic’s Capital”)

    He declared the Article of Anti-RP and executed the new leader of KFR with his own Luger.

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  • Stronk Indonesiaball

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  • LCPLOwen

    I done F up

    January 16, 2018 by LCPLOwen

    So I am mainly new to having a wikia account (Most of the time i just went around without one)

    I have got the ist of things and will do a bunch of activity but i kinda made a mistake, I tried to create a page called Woodburyball off of the suburbs of Saint Paul in Minnesota, Yet i kinda relized wait, I need to create the ball first. 

    So my question to you veteran users is what do i use for it, Photoshop? Paint? I need to know so i can create the page.

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  • Iminlovewithpolandball



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  • IMatter

    I was bored and I made an alternative version of Czech flag. What do you think? Better than the current one huh? xd

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  • Procimus

    In order to join the Olympic Committee, you must include the following things in your comment/application:

    • The name of your nation.
    • The flag of your nation.
    • The capital of your nation.
    • Once you are accepted, a three-letter code will be given to you.
    • You may join with a maximum of 3 nations , but you can only participate with 1 in any contest, and they cannot be in the same Continent.
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  • Procimus

    My ideas:

    It will be monthly multi-national sports event based on the Summer and Winter Olympics.

    In order to be able to join an Olympic Games, your nation must have registered a recognized National Olympic Committee in the Global Olympic Commitee members blog. You must provide your nation name, flag, and its host city. You may join with a maximum of 3 nations in plenty of contests, but you can only participate with 1 in any given game, and they cannot be in the same Continent. Non-UN recognised countries may not join. Once you join, we will provide you with a 3 letter code that corresponds to your nation (For example GOC [Greek Olympics Commitee])

    In order to join the Olympic Committee, you must include the following things in your comment/a…

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  • HungarianMapper17

    i found this aying why the usa is  better than the Uk and it is hilarious

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  • KurwaAntics

    Social Justice Warriors

    January 14, 2018 by KurwaAntics
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  • Johnny-Swing

    I know this wikia isn't for stuff like this, but i must do what i must do.

    Enjoy Hell

    Talk 12:41, January 14, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Hayastanball

    Group photo drawing.

    January 14, 2018 by Hayastanball

    Hello users of the wiki, due to me being bored and wanting to draw something I will be drawing a group photo of users, but I would like to ask you, would you like to be in it? If so, give me a picture or send me a link of your Userball or flag, tell me what expression you want, and maybe an action that your userball is doing.

    Pomik108 (Any Expression)

    Diazzer (Any Action)

    Stronk Indonesia (Angry or Bored)

    IMatter (Any Expression)

    JacoubThePerson (Need Expression)

    NESTLEH (May need expression)

    IntenCity999 (I need to draw baton and shield) (tough or angry)

    Nothing To Watch (funny or Stupid with photobomb (I'll try) if not then neutral)

    Iminlovewithpolandball (Any expression maybe proud)

    TheRealStuff Mapping Official (Neutral or happy)

    DynaBall! (deppress…

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  • Borky Bork


    January 14, 2018 by Borky Bork

    Hello all, Borky Bork here. I would like to do a census on the wiki editing population. The questions are:
    1. How many of you actually are active on the Polandball subreddit?

    2. If so, do you have submission rights or even hussars?

    3. Do you think the moderation(Javacode,DickRhino) is quite strict on redditors and often cruely enforce rules that are not beneficial to others?

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  • TheCynicalTurk

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  • Stronk Polska
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  • KurwaAntics

    Alfabet el-Log'a l-Mas'ri

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  • EchoNightmareBlade
    • Polandball
    • Fake Korea
    • a lot of other countries, includin reichtangle
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  • Iminlovewithpolandball

    we must make a petition to make this the flag

    you haters do not kno de wey!


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  • Procimus


    January 10, 2018 by Procimus

    Good Evening, I guess it's time to clarify some things. As some people already know,I am Fantastic Mapper, the link to my old account: User:Earthern Mapping & Polandball. As you probably know I have done many bad things. Starting with, I joined at July 5th. Since then I have made alt accounts ,spammed,being stupid e.t.c If you've read up to now,you probably think that I will say sorry again. I have apologised too many times,but I never changed. Even if you think that I will lie again,I want to apologise one last time. I want to restart everything. I know it's hard to forgive me,but I beg for one last chance. Lastly,I say sorry to these I lied I was Procimus. Just answer,can you give me last chance? Good night, Fantastic Mapper

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  • Nothing to watch

    Exactly 1 year ago I officially joined the wiki. I actually joined earlier, but I didn't make an account. It has been a great year with you guys and I hope this year will be as good. Also congrats to this wiki as well, as it was created 8 years ago.

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  • TheRealStuff Mapping Official

    8 years ago, January 10th, 2010, a user named Siberiaball created this Wiki. Today, it's the Wiki's 8th birthday.

    Happy birthday Polandball Wiki. May you flourish and develop for the years to come.

    T.R.S.M - Mapping stronk (talk) 13:46, January 10, 2018 (UTC)

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  • BainTheCool

    8 years on this day, in 2010, User:Siberiaball created this wiki... that's a lot of years.

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  • Junad4

    1.Polandball itself

    2.Remove Kebab



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  • Snow pea lover 100

    Potential article on the KKK as there isn't currently one

    The KKKball is a radical White Supremacy group in the USAball, he has had three stages:

    • 1st Klan (1865-1871): six ex-Confederate soldiers created me in Tennesseeball in 1865, they wanted blacks to be slaves again
    • 2nd Klan (1915-1944): Re-founded in Georgiaball and had at its peak > 1 million members. We lynched many blacks during this period as well as promoting prohibition and spreading rumors (truth) stating that Jews, Freemasons and Catholics were controlling America. Hated the 1920's counterculture and strongly supported the Jim Crow Laws
    • 3rd Klan (1946-Now): Split into many different loosely linked groups. Hated the civil rights movement and desegregation as well as the Jewish inf…

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  • Junad4

    Can Sealand into country.

    January 9, 2018 by Junad4



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