• Cilindar

    Cilindar Name Explain

    April 25, 2018 by Cilindar

    Why,Why is my username an incorrectly spelled version of a 3D shape which is actually spelled like Cylinder.

    Well my friend,my name does not come from any sort of 3D shape but instead it comes from a Serbian latin word which derives from another word Top-Hat.

    So here is a fun fact: Cilindar means Top-Hat in Latin Serbo-Croatian

    But why was Top-Hat chosen? Well my friend here is a little story i would like to tell you...

    Back in 2005 i had just turned 11 and for the first time i went to London which was an amazing city which i would love to go once again.I actually saw many gentlemen with these huge black hats mostly at speacial weddings or some-sort which if i can remember i used to call them "Tall Hats",i cant remember.

    Then in 2007 (i think) …

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  • Nothing to watch

    This is a pretty random blog post about myself, what you don't care about.

    To start all of this, I have to go back to when I was 11 years old. At the time I was a big GTA fan and I watched people doing GTA missions all day long. My mum didn't let me buy GTA, so I played it when I visited my friends. I was planning to make my own YouTube channel to make gaming videos, but luckily I didn't. Now let's skip some time forward to 2016 spring. It was the time when I saw my first mapping video. After seeing the video, I started to watch a lot of mapping videos and decided to make my own. For that I bought myself a new laptop in the summer and started drawing my mapping video slides in the fall with MS Paint. To draw some of the Polandballs, I had t…

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  • SteadyShotz

    No, this is the true meaning of life.

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  • TheSewedishEmpire


    April 25, 2018 by TheSewedishEmpire

    If at first you don't succeed...

    There's always the viola.

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  • SteadyShotz

    Oh damn...

    April 25, 2018 by SteadyShotz

    So recently I've started to notice there is a "category trend" that I've unintentionally started. There are HDI categories popping up everywhere (Like High, Medium, etc) and that's perfectly fine. But I've first created a "High HDI" category for the top 20 countries with the highest HDI months ago. I'm guessing that people saw this and thought, "Hey, that's an important detail that tells how a country is doing! Let's add more" Edit: Wait, it might've been done by one person.

    In conclusion, there is no conclusion. Goodnight.

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  • Cilindar


    April 25, 2018 by Cilindar

    I am not a nazi or anything...

    But why is Nazi Germanys anthem so catchy and epic! 

    Just listen to this shit!

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  • Cilindar

    I need your help!

    April 25, 2018 by Cilindar


    This was just clickbait,fool!

    Now,for getting Bamboozeled you will spend 5 years in the Gulags and 10 years in Goli Otok

    good? Okay,now go.

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  • TheSewedishEmpire

    F U C K I N G

    H E L L

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  • TheAmericanUserIGuess

    Hello. It's me again. Now before you guys start screaming stuff like "Not you again!". I think it's time I say something I should have said a long time ago.

    I'm sorry for being immature, for doing disturbing roleplays, for attacking other users, for offending user's nationalies (Such as calling Jose a drug dealer), Threatening users (even as a joke), for taking jokes seriously, for getting mad at people, for creating a petition for a really dumb reason, for spamming message walls (Like what I did to Terrr's older account), for insulting users..

    I'm sorry for everything.

    I understand why I have been insulted now: Because this is basically the internet.

    And I understand what I did is wrong, disgusting and annoying.

    Now, I know this blog post wil…

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  • TheSewedishEmpire

    Some changes

    April 25, 2018 by TheSewedishEmpire


    It's another shetpost blog post by totally your favorite Furry

    Which isn't me

    So recently, I did some self-reflection, and I decided

    Damn, my fursona is better than me.

    After getting drunk on Swedish, I decided to strive to become more like my fursona including the whole anthropomorphic fox part

    So I began to work on my faults.

    For example, I stopped nuking Danish houses for the glory of S W E D E N

    Now I only do it for fun.

    I also began to stray away from politics. I decided to rig elections instead because elections were rigged anyways.

    I also decided to try and reduce my Furry cringe. When I first went out in a fursuit, everyone in a 100 kilometre radius died.

    Now everyone in a 100 kilometre radius only spontaneously combusts.

    Finally, I tried…

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  • AkkoKun

    Just stop it, they're stupid and won't get you anywhere besides a talk with the admins.

    "But didn't you create one tho?"

    Yes, but then I realized that I made what was perhaps the biggest mistake of my life.

    Seriously, stop. I can tell this from personal experience, you won't like the consequences.

    I'm dead serious, stop.



    In case you don't know what "stop" is, I'll put a definition here:

    Yes, I know, I've changed a lot.

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  • Cilindar

    Please stop...

    April 24, 2018 by Cilindar

    Why are people shipping other users with eachother,thats just plain fucking cringe and please for the love of god act normal.What are you guys like 5 ,now please ,know that people have feelings to and you are just going to make this whole wikia a cancerous,cringey and depressing shithole.

    (This message is only directed to the 5 year olds who think they are funny by shipping other users together and saying "Here is your new Giirlfriend XD XD XD LOL" just fucking shutup because no one likes you.

    Also,please stop shipping me with Floofy because its weird and its not funny.Also there is a 10 year gap between us so thats weird you fucking disqusting pig.

    So if you want to continue doing this.You do not deserve to breathe oxygen and stop being a tr…

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  • Iminlovewithpolandball

    i made it on my tumblr acc, it's a french kitten, though i'm not really sure what he is i love him

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  • Cynical04TR

    So recently, there have been a large number of Anti-Armenian sentiment on the wiki. Most are in the form of vandalism of Armenia related pages and Userpages of Armenian users like my buddy Hayastan and.. that communist...

    Most, If not all of those posts come from a guy who goes by many different names. He has around 7-10 alts that i currently can track down. Some of usernames include "cCcAsilkurtcCc" (which translates to "noble wolf") , "HAPPY ARMENIAN GENOCIDE CCC" "Veryangryarmenianghater" and "Safarov1915" along with many others. Almost all of his accounts have some kind of references to Ramil Safarov who is an Azerbaijani soldier who axed an Armenian Soldier in his sleep at a NATO camp in Hungary and the Armenian Genocide. His opinions …

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  • Iminlovewithpolandball


    April 24, 2018 by Iminlovewithpolandball

    I am making an alliance that will be a benefit to the wiki, P.A.R.U (Polandball Alliance of Renowned Users), this does not include admins because, though they are renowned they have better things to do since they are in control of the entire Polandball Wiki. So this Alliance's purpose is to prevent and protect from another Polandball World War or any other large dispute. People I select (if you don't want to be a member and you're on this list say so):

    User:Nothing to watch
    user:The Planless Crashman

    User:Canada the marine 







    anyone else allowed

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  • Meeerko


    April 24, 2018 by Meeerko

    I am really tired of this. Cleanup has fucking 12 pages and nobody cares about fixing it. I think wiki needs to focus on cleaning up the most now so pls help.

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  • Johnny-Swing

    Ooooo what's this?

    April 24, 2018 by Johnny-Swing

    An invite for Terrr's miserable excuse of trying to fix the wikia?

    People want to be bankers, doctors, lawyers, physcians, yet this guy just can't get enough of trying to fix the wikia.

    And that guy is Terrr, the brute.

    Oh well, enjoy it while you can ;D

    Talk 19:31, April 24, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Iminlovewithpolandball


    April 24, 2018 by Iminlovewithpolandball

    the polandball wiki is unique for having such amazing admins and moderators that help everyone like: NESTLEH








    so we need a day to celebrate them! comment which day it should be! national pb admins day

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  • Iminlovewithpolandball

    plz no hate

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  • ToonEugen6812

    Hello! So, I've been kinda inactive on this wikia, but I'm gonna open requests for who wants to request their userball to be drawn by me (wow, how original). You can request until May 1st, 2018. After the closure, I might even make some group picture if I don't procrastinate or something. Be aware that I might not finish all of them, but hopefully I could somehow manage to make them.


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  • Cilindar

    I have told Friedwaffles about this situation i am undergoing but now i have decided to release it to the public on this very wikia.About 6 days ago i started to hear noises up in my attic (This is not one of my attic jokes,this is real)  at first i thought it was rats or something.

    These noises got louder progressively and i thought still it was a racoon or something which i would get rid of.The next day i could still hear it and i went to check up there because it was loud.

    I found nothing at all up there and then the next day i had enough and i thought i was hallucinating  so i called my friends to see if they can hear it and they did,This noise is getting louder and louder and i am super scared.I am thinking of moving houses but i have t…

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  • Snow pea lover 100
    • Australiaball - I was born there and I live there, though the character is nothing like me (though that's probably due to the fact that Polandball does a lot of stereotypes, which I don't mind too much)
    • Swedenball - "Bork Bork, I'm a Swede" says Sweden, I really like its flag in ball form
    • Polandball - Very funny character who says "Kurwa" an awful lot
    • NepalRawr - Excellent flag and excellent "Rawr" shape
    • Australian Aboriginalsball - Desperately needs more rights to be given by Australia. I feel sorry for them.
    • Indonesiaball - Closest large country to Australia and flag looks a lot like Poland's flag. I really like the Indonesia/Poland flag jokes on this wiki, If Poland wasn't upside down, there probably wouldn't be so many of them
    • Antarcticabal…
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  • SuperMobb

    Some FACTOIDS about me

    April 24, 2018 by SuperMobb

    So, here are some FACTS about me  why am I doing this

    Number 1: I am 13 years of age

    Number 2: I was born on December 9th, 2004

    Number 3: My first name is Owen

    Number 4: I have 5 dogs (all german shepherds)

    Number 5: The only reason I found PB Wiki was because I was looking for Indianaball

    Number 6: I have one cat

    Idea stolen from OrthodoxSerbia

    I realized that Factoids means Fake Facts and these are real so... oop

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  • Tazeino

    Polandballusers Wiki

    April 24, 2018 by Tazeino

    Alright, why the fuck is this a thing?

    Why the fuck it exists tho?, multiple users come to the wikia and it'll be an infinite amount of pages also

    The fact that these pages are nothing but bias because the people that did those pages actually experienced the other side of the coin they put in their own "opinion", the fact that one of my friends JE, was blocked "because of insulting", and me, that I was blocked for insulting even though it's not even on the wikia, show how much the admin team is sensitive at it. the fact that the pages are just dump of shitty templates and fucking trashy ILR/TLR alts makes me wonder why you put enemies and friends lmao


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  • Cynical04TR

    Atheist: *walks up to a christian*

    Atheist: Wow ur stupid delusional there is no god lololo

    Christian: Fuck off !

    Atheist: *walks up to a muslim*

    Atheist: Aloha Snackbar xd mohammad was a pedo so stop exploding all day xddd

    Muslim: Fuck off !

    Atheist: *walks up to a jew*

    Atheist: lolocaust xddd mein shekels oy vey 6 million

    Jew: Fuck off !

    Atheist: Religious people are such big meanies :(

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  • Cilindar


    April 24, 2018 by Cilindar

    That NESTLEH has triggered some feminists....

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  • OrthodoxSerbia

    They're stupid and I hate them, we obviously proved the Earth is round.

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  • OrthodoxSerbia

    15 facts about me

    April 24, 2018 by OrthodoxSerbia

    If you want to know me better, here are some facts about me because why not:

    Number 1. I play the motherfrickin accordion

    Number 2. I was born on August 8th 2000

    Number 3. I was born in Novi Sad and moved to live in Belgrade!

    Number 4. My real name is Dimitrije (Mitar) Mihalovic

    Number 5. I have a brother (named Marko) and a sister (named Bilijana)

    Number 6. I'm 18 years old

    Number 7, I'm a Grammar Nazi (I get sometimes fustrated when people use wrong grammar)

    Number 8. I have Cynophobia (The Fear of Dogs, look it up you dingus)

    Number 9.My Zodiac sign is Leo

    Number 10. I'm heterosexual

    Number 11. I'm studying economics

    Number 12. I drive an 2018 Audi R8

    Number 13. I suck at drawing (no seriously)

    Number 14. My favourite youtuber is Jacksfilms

    And final…

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    Recently, I've been seeing people getting into trouble for trying to undo someone feminizing a countryball. I'm here to clarify that some of the blame for some of the drama today is on me. Why? I linked people to an outdated blog post , and to everyone, especially Mocha and TRSM, I am very sorry.

    However, I will learn from my mistakes, and this is what this blog post is all about. That's right. I'm updating this blog post to refect the current environment of this wiki.

    One thing to point out here, is that countryballs DO NOT have a definitive gender. Just because Estonia is female in most comics doesn't mean it should be for all comics. There are instances where Estonia is male, such as in this comic . However, like I said in the first blog…

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  • Cilindar

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  • Cilindar
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  • Gonzaloceballos

    Today i see a blog about a good icon maker(friedwaffles)he will leave this wiki and never come back please help him!

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  • TheSewedishEmpire


    April 23, 2018 by TheSewedishEmpire


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  • Iminlovewithpolandball
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  • FriedWAffles


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  • Iminlovewithpolandball

    iokay it was because of you guys (no offense really even though I don't know how to say that without sounding like a jerk), because of the reputation I got (which was a misunderstanding if that makes any sense), so recently I was joking around about the rep i got and people took it too seriously so just to clear things up again i am not a pedophile. no, just no. so I will not respond to any of these types of replies and messages related to the subject fyi.

    and also why iilmpb sucks:

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  • VardanC

    i made my own armenian pb wiki since ethan is inactive but here is a link

    Have fun!

    UPDATE: I will adopt armenian wiki once i edited or added some everyday a week

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  • TheAmericanUserIGuess

    Hello everyone, it's the user you guys hate- again.

    You guys might be wondering why I haven't left Polandball Wiki yet. Well... I'll tell you guys why.

    Well, to be honest, I really don't wanna leave.. I loved this Wiki ever since I first joined. And I don't wanna abandon any of my friends.

    And you guys might also be wondering why I left Discord. Well, you might think it's because my parents told me to, but that is a lie. I couldn't tell the truth. Why I really left Discord was because: I never did anything right.

    I wanted to fit in, and I tried everything. But no, I just gave myself more hate. I created the Petition to end my hatebase, but I should've known it would never work. I also created my group "Pawnists United" to end cyberbullying. I'…

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  • FriedWAffles

    Holy shit

    April 23, 2018 by FriedWAffles

    I almost lost my acfount for a moment, i pressed sign out (meaning to press message wall) i panicked, then i remembered. The End WatchDog (Talk) 08:34, April 23, 2018 (UTC)

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  • StronkBitterGuy

    i've contributed for a year on the wiki


    i would like to mention a few users that means so much to me




    without them i probably left the wiki on july (my hiatus)

    so yeah

    i dont have much to say so...

    see you on another blog lads!

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  • Cilindar


    April 23, 2018 by Cilindar
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  • SuperMobb


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  • ByzantivmBall


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  • StronkBitterGuy


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  • Cilindar


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  • TheSewedishEmpire


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  • FriedWAffles


    April 23, 2018 by FriedWAffles

    Sorry to everyone if i was rude to them, i am having trouble with my family, and i got a headache, so sorry to those i was a jerk to (p.s i sometimes rage in mapping games)

    I would also like to say sorry to

    Cilindar - i am a fucking asshole

    Crev - im sure you agree, im a asshole

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  • VictoryKael

    Hello, it's Vic, your favorite right-wing user. I have been working on a Hearts of Iron 4 Mod Called Baguette Internationale. It is about Napoleon winning the Napoleonic Wars.

    The short dude doesn't invade Russia, and eventually defeats the 92nd Coalition.

    • Over time the French Empire shrunk, and now consists of France, Bellux, and the Rhineland. Although, they still remain the major political power throughout the world.
    • After the shocking defeat, the United Kingdom breaks up into 3 states, the Kingdom of England, the Republic of Scotland, and the Kingdom of Ireland (Now Irish Free State.)
    • After Prussia's revival to power, they unified Germany in 1933. They are one of the only countries that can defeat France.
    • Italy obviously never unifies, with …

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  • Democratius

    This day is a period of bland times for our new users. My dear friends, our Wiki has nothing special due to absence of old users and all care being moved to Discord of the old ones. But haven't you ever asked yourself: Why am I not invited? Well, this time you are. It is the official Polandball Wiki Discord Server.

    Why do we have it? For a more customised, safe, better moderated and more fun experience. We have all our messages saved forever, we have an approval channel with almost 24/7 moderation and we're an exodus of TLR and ILR spam. It is time for a better Polandball Wiki and a better interaction between our dearest users. Don't be shy my friends, all the cool kids are hanging out there.

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  • TheSewedishEmpire


    Today I shall teach you all how to play the violin even though I'm fucking horrible at it!

    Materials Needed

    1 Violin

    1 Shoulder rest

    1 Bow Rosin

    1 Cleaning cloth

    10 Violin bows

    Some musicc

    Step one

    Take the violin, bow, and shoulder rest out of the case carefully.

    Step two

    Tighten the bow 5-10 turns. There should be a screw thing on one end. Don't turn it too much or you might break the bow.

    Step three

    Put the shoulder rest on the violin. I'm assuming you know how to.

    Step four

    Rosin the bow until basically the hair is covered in powder

    Step five

    Get your music out, and open it so you can "play" it

    Step six

    Look at the music

    Step seven

    Attempt to comprehend the strange symbols scrawled all over your music

    Step eight


    Step nine

    Finally place the bow on the …

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