Bir Tawilball is a little countryball in Northeastern Africa. He can into exist because neither Egyptball nor Sudanball wants him as clay, they both want Hala'ibtriangle.


Bir Tawilball rightly born after Sudanball's independence, when he and Egyptball were cannot into agree on their border. Hala'ib Triangleball was wanted by both of them, because it has population, water and food, not like Bir Tawilball, who only has sand and stone. But in 2013, a proud citizen of USAball brought the fuckin' freedom for Bir Tawilball. Anyways, no one recognizes him from the UN, because he still cannot into population.


Drawing Bir Tawilball is a bit long, but not difficult.

  1. Draw a countryball with dark blue colour
  2. Draw a circle into his middle with medium blue
  3. Draw a crown into the circle with yellow colour and 5 branches
  4. Draw yellow stripes from the crown to the edge of the circle.
  5. Draw a yellow star upon the circle
  6. Draw three white stars under the circle
  7. Draw two eyes.

Curious Facts

  1. It cannot in to Population, Laws, Gobernement.
  2. This country was created because someones 7 years old daughter wants to be princess.
  3. It is the lest stupid micronation.
  4. Cannot in to UN, AU or recognazion. Hower, his "king" wants to talk to Egypt and Sudan for they make him a bit relevant.
  5. With marie byrdball is the only countryball in the world that nobody reclams as part of his territory.