Beninball is a countryball in Western Africa. He is rarely ever of relevance. He speaks French, since his adoptive mother was Franceball.

He is member of the West Africans family.


Beninball is a descendant of West African 8balls, and he is son of Dahomeyball, and in 1892, Franceball killed his father and forcefully adopted him. He spent the next 68 years known as French Dahomeyball, until he was given independence in 1960, whereupon he became known as Beninball. He is currently suffering from a recent Ebola outbreak in his neighbourhood, but still cannot into much relevance.

How to draw

Draw Beninball is very simple:

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into two vertical stripes.
  2. Color the left one of this green
  3. Divide the other stripe into two horizontal stripes.
  4. Color them of this yellow and this red
  5. Draw eyes and you've finished.





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